Suzie Speaks Summer Blog Party!

imageIt has been quite a while since I last hosted a blog party, and I absolutely love them! It’s the beginning of summer, and for me its the beginning of a new chapter, so I’m determined to celebrate in style! For those of you that have never participated in one before, the rules are simple:

1. Choose your favourite post from your own blog. The subject of the post can be anything you like – blogging, food, parenting, life, travel, thoughts, photography… Note: This should be only one post at a time or it will get sent straight to the ‘spam’ folder and I may not be able to find you for a while. You can share up to three links, and for maximum impact I would suggest that you wait a little while in between posting them rather than in one go.

2. Paste the link to your post in the comment section of this post and feel free to write a little bit about yourself and/or your blog.

3. Enjoy! Relax, pull up a chair, meet new people! Find new blogs, comment on their posts, follow, reblog and share. Let them know that you met them here! This is a really useful way of discovering new blogs, particularly if you have only just joined the blogging world and when I have participated in similar things I have really enjoyed them!

You don’t have to follow me to participate, you don’t have to be an established blogger – you could have written just a single post – and feel free to invite your friends! I will leave it open all weekend, so if you can’t join in now you can come back at any time over the next few days!

Want to find new blog immediately? Check out my lovely sponsors in my sidebar!

I’ve also been nominated in two categories – ‘Inspirational Blogger’ and ‘Services To Blogging’ at the UK Bloggers Bash Awards, which I will be attending on 1st August in London! I would love it if you would hop on over and give me your vote – simply click the image for the link!

Feel free to share this post on all of your social media accounts too! You can find me on Twitter and Tumblr @suzie81blog, and don’t forget to visit my Facebook page  my Instagram page and my Pinterest page

Have a wonderful time!

473 thoughts on “Suzie Speaks Summer Blog Party!

  1. Hi Suzie!
    I am back to leave a link to a post. I would like to share my post about why I am so grateful for blogging. It was my Thanksgiving post. I am hoping to expand my readership, so thank you for this opportunity. Here is the link:

  2. Hi Suzie! I was linked to your blog post by someone on my newest post! Thanks for hosting this and here’s my blog, Another Long Distance Story. My blog is about my life and my long distance relationship. This is my favorite post, because it talks about speech and debate and my boyfriend, the two loves of my life.
    Thanks again for hosting this and I am now off to read everyone else’s posts!

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  4. Good morning. It looks like my original post is still stuck in pending moderation status so I’ll try again with this one. I’m Leisel from Skill Up Skillet, a geek and game themed food blog. For me, the kitchen is another battleground where I seek to grind my skills and abilities to a higher level.

    This is another one of my favorites, a health potion in the form of a chilled strawberry dessert soup:

  5. Hi, Susie,

    Thanks for the great idea for a party. I’ve been reading and enjoying some new bloggers as a result.

    As for me, I’m working on a new pursuit after years as a writer at newspapers and then at a university (which will end at the end of August). Yes, much of what I do is now in verse — no, wait! Come back!– which may seem like a drastic change, but is not so much.

    More about me:
    And my contribution to the party:

  6. Hi there party goers! I’m Marti Brown- The Brown Witch. I have two blogs- The Frugal Brown Witch & The Crystal Brown Witch. This post is from latter and is about Rose Quartz… I hope you enjoy it!

    • Thanks so much for sharing your link – it’s great that people are still joining in! Feel free to go and check out all the other blogs and meet new people!

    • Thank you! Welcome to WordPress – it’s a fabulous community of people and they have been a wonderful form of support… All the best in your blogging adventures!

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