Me, Myself and I #3


As a further opportunity to share a little about yourself and find out about your fellow bloggers, here is the third installment of ‘Me, Myself and I,’ a weekly collaboration I have started with the lovely Sare over at Diary of a Teachaholic. After the fun of the Bloggers Bash at the weekend, it’s slightly late – we usually post these around 12.00pm every Sunday. For further information about the link up, simply click here.

It’s my turn to ask the questions this week…

1. Where/How do you get your ideas for blog posts?

Anywhere and everywhere. The trouble is, when you’ve been blogging for a while most aspects of life become potential ideas – walking down the street, conversations with friends, daily experiences, other people’s posts and comments… The notes section of my phone is full of random titles for potential blog posts, and I am building up a stock group of photographs that may be useful for future editing.

2. What’s the one piece of advice you would give to new bloggers just starting out?

Write for you. So much of blogging is about comparison and the numbers, and I see an awful lot of bloggers writing for a potential audience in an effort to increase traffic. Forget that. Write what you want to write about – what interests you, what inspires you, things you’ve read, activities you enjoy… It’s your space of the internet, so fill it with something you are proud of that represents who you are.

If you want more blogging advice – click on this link. I’ve had lots of wonderful feedback from it!

3. How would your closest friends describe you?

A worrier. I worry and second-guess everything. Kind. If there’s anything I can do to help anyone else, I will. Funny. People seem to laugh a lot, although I’m not quite sure whether they’re laughing with me or at me.

The Bloke once said that living with me was like living with a children’s TV presenter. I’m still not sure how to take that.

4. What’s the best place you’ve ever visited and why?

I’ve been lucky to have visited the places on my bucket list, and I would say that my favourite place in the world would be the centre of Washington D.C. I was stranded there in 2010 when supervising a school trip, and we spent an extra week exploring the museums, monuments and were invited to the White House. I had a bit of a moment sitting on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial – despite coming from England where we have a long and interesting history, I was a little overwhelmed to be sat in the spot where Martin Luther King Jr gave his ‘I Have a Dream’ speech.

5. What has been your biggest challenge so far?

The last three years. We’ve lost beloved family and friends, we moved house twice within the space of seven months, I lost my little cat, I was in hospital for a week, I quit my job without a clear plan for the future and have had to deal with high levels of stress and depression at various points. Of course, it hasn’t been all bad – I’ve reconnected with my sister after being estranged from her for a number of years and the family and I have become a lot closer, I’ve had some wonderful times with friends and, of course, The Bloke has been with me through it all. It’s proved that we can be a team through anything, but I’m hoping that the next few years will be a little easier!!

What about you guys? Would you like to join in and answer these questions?

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23 thoughts on “Me, Myself and I #3

  1. Some more blogging advice: Warn your friends that they are “on the record” ALL the time. My friends know that I will write about ANYTHING! As Anne Lamott said: “If people wanted you to write warmly about them, they should have behaved better.”

    • Haha – that’s so true. I don’t mention names or include many pictures, and one or two have specifically said they don’t wish to be included at any point, but there’s a few that have text me after we’ve been out to tell me not to put anything out there…

  2. Comment, comment, comment. Or at least, interact with commenters, interact with commenters and interact with commenters. That’s my piece of advice (after writing what you want) 🙂

      • Really? Their loss then.

        I think you are fine with it. I’m talking about the people who flat out say they are too busy to bother interacting but then wonder why they don’t have anyone reacting to their work. I know I have been taking for-ev-er with my responses recently, but anyone who reads my blog knows why 🙂

  3. Suzie, I agree with you the comment section is important because it keeps us connected and able to relate to others opinions and truths. Lori English.Have a Great Day!

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