Microphone Rage

imageOn Friday night I went to karaoke for the first time in months with some friends, and after working my way through some of my favourite songs I got home at 1.30am. I’ve had about five hours sleep, which I’m expecting to hit me at around lunchtime.

Some may laugh, but I take karaoke a little more seriously than I should. I’m not going to be auditioning for the X Factor anytime soon, but I can hold a tune and, in complete contrast to my nerves when having to speak in front of large groups of people, I’m reasonably confident when doing so.

We went to a Chinese restaurant with private karaoke booths, where we indulged in lovely food and rocked our way through a whole plethora of songs. At 11.00pm we had to leave the booth and move to a central room where there was a stage, and the singing continued.

As always, there was a large group of drunken people who decided that the restaurant was theirs for the night. Not only were they loudly screaming songs from Robbie Williams and Oasis (and I realise that many of you from outside the UK won’t have a clue who they are), but they remained on stage to scream their way through everyone else’s songs too as there were several microphones.

That is, until we walked in and the microphone rage set in. Yes, there is such a thing as microphone rage, and a slightly inebriated Suzie who is being screamed at while she’s trying to sing Bon Jovi is not a happy one. Luckily, my friends stepped in and we took turns holding the spare mic while the others sang, and in the end the morons retreated to jumping around in the dance floor instead, and eventually left.

Let’s just say my throat was a little sore the following morning…

What about you guys? Is there something you take more seriously than everyone else?

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41 thoughts on “Microphone Rage

  1. Ha! It is so annoying when morons take over and spoil everyone else’s songs! I can’t sing but love karaoke. However, I only do it at my sister’s house with family around.

  2. When you said Robbie Williams and Oasis I laughed because as an American, you named two quintessential UK people. Probably the only two many know outside of the Spice Girls šŸ˜‰ Just kidding!
    I love karaoke and I’m horrible at it. I am in my prime when I’m inside one of those rooms with my friends. I had a horrible experience at a bar that had it open to the public. I decided to do Will Smith’s Miami because I “knew all of the words.” Except I didn’t realize I knew none of the words (beer muscles?) I got booed off the stage… true story.

    • They booed you off the stage? I’ve been in that situation where Ive done a song ‘because I knew it’ and then realised that I only actually knew the chorus!
      I’m really surprised you’ve heard of them – whenever Ive mentioned them to people outside of the UK before they’ve looked at me and said ‘who?’ Have you heard of Take That?

  3. Too bloody much too mention… And I can always tell when I have strained the bonds of love when my own father yawns in the middle of one of my rants… God Bless me anyway… lol

  4. Microphone rage – excellent! I used to enjoy a spot of karaoke in my youth, though it does take me a few drinks to get up there šŸ™‚ I was trying to think if there was something that irked me like that and I think it’s bad audience manners – you know, when a show is on and people chatter all the way through it, or spend most of their time on their phone. I am a shusher and a glarer when this happens LOL.

  5. Worst karaoke songs on earth:
    Paradise by the dashboard light. just no, please God no.
    Photograph by that stupid redneck Kid Rock, just no, please God no.
    Celine Dion, anything by her… not karaoke though, just in general šŸ™‚

    Sounds like much fun though: )

  6. Many years ago I used to karaoke on a weekly basis. I took it quite seriously, too, burin the end it was all about having fun. I even had my usual set of songs that I would do because I was very good at singing them. I have to admit to taking over someone’s song because they were doing such a terrible job with it, were clearly drunk off their butts and it was also a song that I was really good at – Eminem’s “Without Me”. It’s the only time I ever stole “someone’s mic” but I justified it by saying it’s because he was sooooo bad (and drunk)!

    I haven’t karaoke’d in a long while now and I don’t know when or if I ever will again. But it was fun while it lasted. : )

    • Haha! I’ve never taken over someone’s mic but I can sing loudly so have been known to drown them out! Ooh, I’ve not listened to that song in ages and I love it – I’m going to add it back onto my playlist!

  7. I applaud you! Can you hear me? I could never do karaoke! I went once with hubby and a group of friends, I just sat there amazed at them all going up and singing… of course, I, cannot carry a tune in a bucket! Bravo you! DAF

  8. Oh yes we know Robbie Williams and Oasis šŸ™‚ In fact Robbie Williams was supposed to have his concert here in Sept for but for some reason it’s cancelled šŸ˜¦

    P.S. It’s fun to sing Wonderwall when drunk, LOL!

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