Balloons and Tunes!

Our local park in Birmingham is holding a ‘Balloons and Tunes’ festival this weekend, and The Bloke and I joined about 14,000 other people to witness the hot air balloon display. It’s not something I’ve ever experienced before, and it genuinely surpassed all expectation – as the sun set they were lit up in time to various pieces of music, with spectacular effect!


Ooh, pretty…




Enjoying the rides…

In fact, the whole event was superb – it was full of people just enjoying themselves on the various rides with friends and loved ones, and it was a great atmosphere…

Even a little pug joined in the fun, although it must have been a bit too much for him after a while as it ended up  falling asleep on top of one of the prizes on a stall… Bless.


Sleepy pug…


It’s the little moments…


16 thoughts on “Balloons and Tunes!

  1. Every year Canberra hosts the Hot Air Balloon Festival. I have to admit that although it has been running for the best part of 30 years, I have never been. I have seen it on the news and it looks spectacular. You and the bloke appear to have had a great time and I would assume that the new camera got a workout.

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