Is Your Blog Living By Numbers?

‘Live by the letters, not by the numbers…’ Really enjoyed this post from Hugh… Check him and his lovely blog out!

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Why are we so obsessed with numbers?

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I’ve read many interesting posts over the past few months about the number of visitors and followers some of us would like for our blogs, but living by numbers doesn’t only apply to us in the blogging world.

Just take a look at shopping.  Put a number on a price ticket and it can either make the item a huge success or a total flop.  I know it doesn’t apply to everything and that many of us Apple fans will want the new iPhone Seven (if that is what they intend calling it) but, there you have it again, even the mighty Apple uses numbers for some of its products.  Dare I mention Windows Ten?  Maybe I shouldn’t!

Numbers are important but we shouldn’t become obsessed with them.  When I was at school I hated every single Maths lesson I had…

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3 thoughts on “Is Your Blog Living By Numbers?

  1. Love this’s so true we live in a number-obsessed society from money to followers to weight even..!

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