Is Summer Really Over? August Round-Up

imageIt’s the first day of September, and there is a change in the air. It’s colder and raining, and my social media feeds have gone from pictures of smiling faces, barbecues and ice-cold drinks to desperate status updates that plead for a little more time before everyone has to get back into their daily routine.

For me, it’s slightly different – my summer isn’t quite yet over and I have a week in Barcelona still to look forward to… but what a summer it has been!!! At this point last year I was anxious, agitated and disappointed with myself at my lack of effort or achievement during the holidays, but at this very moment I can look back on an incredible time and be proud of everything I have done and the memories that will stay with me. I’ve travelled, visited friends, eaten beautiful food, and above all, I’ve laughed until my stomach hurt.

It seems like a lifetime ago, but I attended the Annual Bloggers Bash at the beginning of August, where I was privileged to meet some of my old bloggy friends and get to know a few new ones! The Bloke and I were tourists during that weekend, and we took some time to explore the Tower of London in glorious weather. We even won prizes at the cinema on Leicester Square – totally random but fun!


A day at the coast…

I went to the coast with my mother for a little day trip. The weather was glorious, and we had quite an experience with something my mother affectionately named ‘Big Willy.’ Want to know more? It’s not what you think…

I got my microphone rage on with my friends at karaoke.


Balloons and Tunes

I went to see a display of hot air balloons at the Balloons and Tunes festival.

I had a lovely day at the spa to celebrate my friends birthday.

I made a promise to myself that I would start training for the Birmingham Half-Marathon, and I did just that! After running regularly, I have massively improved my time, stamina and distance…

I’ve watched lots of films, most notably, Hector and the Search for Happiness, which had quite a profound impact on the way I view my life.


The Bloke does my makeup…

After developing a minor obsession with makeup and watching endless amounts of beauty vlogs, I convinced The Bloke to have a go at putting makeup on me himself…

In the blogging world, I’ve been just as busy, and it’s been a blast. I’ve had hundreds of conversations, read endless wonderful posts and shared some of my favourites, helped to promote and host some brilliant blog parties and my sponsorship has continued to be a fulfilling and enjoyable experience!

These are some of my most popular blogging related posts from the summer:

1. Tips for your About Page: I discussed ideas on the purpose of the About Page and what makes it successful. I also took the time to update my own!

2. Pin Crazy! With the help of Elena from Fabulously 50 & Living With Batman, I have worked hard to develop my Pinterest page. As a result, in the last month I have doubled my following and amount of views.


My favourite post of the summer…

3. Life is a Blog Post Waiting to be Written: I started thinking about where we get our blogging ideas from – I have adopted a regular way of writing down notes and taking pictures for potential future posts.

4. Profession Versus Passion: After causing some controversy about eighteen months ago with a previous post, I started thinking about the jobs we have in comparison the the passions that we develop in life.

5. #BloggerBlackmail: It’s Not About the Macarons!: During the #BloggerBlackmail fallout on Twitter, I discussed the issue of working with companies and the correct way to do reviews. Β Who would have thought macarons could have caused so much controversy??

6. Blog Envy: We all suffer from it – but what exactly are we envious about when reading other blogs?

It’s the start of a new chapter for me, and while the sentiment may leave you wanting to vomit into the nearest available bucket, I wanted to say a huge thank you to you all for being there with me. I’m looking forward to the future, whatever it may bring, in both the real and online world!

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29 thoughts on “Is Summer Really Over? August Round-Up

  1. Sorry to tell you this Suzie but Summer isn’t over. It’s only just beginning. That’s right. I’ve gone and stolen your sun. I know I’m truly going to regret it in December when I’m frying in the sun’s rays but right now, I’m thrilled to say “Good Riddens” to Winter and cough my way into Spring. Hopefully, the return of th sun might dry out my lungs xx Rowena

  2. A huge thank you to you, Suzie, for hosting such a delightful and varied-topic blog. You’ve got the whole world thinking and talking. Looking forward to more. Have a great week in Barcelona.

  3. Summer isn’t over here in the sandbox! Maybe by late October, early November. OK now I’m having blog envy πŸ˜‰ I’m just kidding, enjoy your time in Barcelona! Spain is on my bucket list.

  4. Here in California summer is not over. We are still sweltering in the high 90s and low 100s. Hopefully, the cloudy days and rain will come our way. Have a lovely time in Barcelona. I always wanted to go to Barcelona. Take lots of photos!!!!!

      • I am praying the rains begin over here soon. Hopefully another month or so and we will be into the rainy season. Have not seen any since March or April, although we did have that freak storm in mid-July which is really unusual for our area of the country.

  5. Enjoy Barcelona and make sure you soak up a bit of the last of summer’s sun. Though no doubt it will be roasting here as the kids have gone back to school. I’m looking forward to getting on with some work – must update my Pinterest page! xx

      • You’re welcome. I’m back at work right now (which is why I’m responding to blog comments ;-)) – getting stuck into my edits which is very exciting! And the forecast in Barcelona looks very nice, mid twenties, so certainly warmer than here – I had to fix myself some porridge when I got in from school drop off this morning!

  6. I was prepared to sympathise with the ‘summer’s over’ gig and then you dropped the B bomb. Barcelona? A week? I mean, that’s just, erm, ratty. I lurve Barca for all of its many facets. Moan, grumble, mope. You’re a cruel and heartless woman with a tremendous blog. Pa, I’m off…. Life’s not fair…

  7. Hello! I’m just popping by from the Blogtacular FB group. It sounds like you had a lovely summer. I read your posts about the bloggers event and the pinterest one too. No following your other online ‘places’! Have a great holiday x

  8. I’m so glad summer is over because I don’t think it actually arrived did it?

    When you go to Barcelona try and take a day trip down to the little sleepy town of Sitges. You’ll love it!

    Wishing you lots of success in your new adventure Suzie.

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