Is Your Blog Under Attack?

A really useful post from Hugh about protecting yourself online… Please read!

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Yes it is and it’s happening every single minute of the day.  However, don’t be alarmed as there are a few simple steps you can put in place to make sure your blog is safe.

Everyday our blogs come under attack from various elements, most are invisible to the eye.  Just like protecting our families, pets, and anything else we value, we should also do all we can to protect our blogs from these threats.

Threats come in all sorts of forms and I have listed below what I do to make sure some of these threats don’t hurt me or my blog.


We talked about comments in my last post,Is Your Blog As Friendly As You Think It Is?, and many agreed with me that we should respond and acknowledge comments.  However, what do you do if some of the comments are not friendly or do…

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  1. After reading some of his posts, I caved and made the About page, although I am still skeptical about it’s usefulness. Maybe I should have just listened to you the first time?

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