The Super Blood Moon

The Bloke and I both love photography, so we were really excited about the Super Blood Moon that was expected to appear yesterday night. We had been checking the weather forecast all week, and set our alarms for 2.00am so we could set up in time to get some decent shots.

It was freezing outside, but we went out into the back garden. The sky was absolutely perfect – there wasn’t a single cloud and we could see everything really clearly…

It was a truly spectacular sight – I’d never witnessed anything like that before (being just a year old when it last appeared in 1982), so for a while I just stood and watched. Beautiful.

However, while I was able to get a few decent shots just as the eclipse began, I found it difficult to get a clear picture of the Super Blood Moon at the height of the eclipse – it was a glorious colour in the sky, but the lack of light (and my inability to see my controls on the camera to change the settings) meant that lots of the images came out quite blurry.

These are my favourite two, which I thought I’d share:

Blood super moon eclipse

Just as the eclipse started…

Blood super moon full eclipse

At the height of the eclipse

Both were taken with my Canon PowerShot SX270 HS, and have been cropped using my iPhone.

What about you guys? Did you see the super moon?

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72 thoughts on “The Super Blood Moon

  1. We set our alarm for 3am to see the blood moon. It was very eerie – I can see how it has caused so many apocalyptic fears historically. I also struggled to get a decent photo of the blood moon but hopefully I’ve got some decent ones of the full supermoon, which was spectacular enough in itself. I’ll be in my early 60s by the time the next one occurs …

  2. Awesome.. Of course I didn’t get up to watch it, but now as I see all the pics everybody is posting I wish I had. Only 28 more years till 2033, I’ll make sure to see it then :/

  3. These photos are amazing! I got up to see the eclipse but it was too cloudy here. It gave me a hell of a headache though 😦

      • Not sure if it was getting up that gave me a headache or if the moon had a weird effect on me, haha! Either way, it was a really strange headache and i felt a bit ‘hungover’ this morning. Would have been worth it if I had actually seen the eclipse 😀

  4. Beautiful! I saw a wee glimpse and not long after I retired for the night, my sister, whose bedroom is in the front of the house, watched it for the longest time. She had no camera, but the perfect view right from her bed!

  5. We had a Moon Celebration at our older son’s house. It became a block party, with many neighbors standing in the street watching the moon preen for us. My son got out his telescope and set it up for everyone to peer through. The kids watched and did the moondance and drew pictures and then ran around enjoying the last hour before bedtime. The sight of the moon was astonishing here in California. My sons and daughters-in-law and grands are likely to see the next one in 2033, but not hubby and I. Your photos are great, Suzie. Such a lovely show and I especially like that people all over the world got to enjoy it. The moon did unite us in standing still and staring at the heavens without violence. More of that, please. Amen.

  6. Cloudy here. I understand that there were gaps in the clouds nearby and friends got to see it, but I didn’t. I remember it from 1982 (there’s not a lot I remember from back then, mostly that I was 20 and my bipolar was horrible and I had no idea what was wrong, but I remember the blood moon)

  7. Really fantastic shots! That must have been really romantic. My bloke stayed up to watch it and was meant to wake me but I woke up naturally at 3.30 only to find him snoozing on the sofa! We just saw the second half as the eclipse was moving away and the moon was bright orange.

  8. Lovely! It was around 10pm in Houston and neither I nor many other people in my apartment complex could see it 😦 I’ll have to wait til I’m 47 now!

  9. Great pictures! My roommates and I wandered outside to see from our block in California…the moon was small above the houses, but definitely cool to see. We played “Total Eclipse of the Heart” and danced around the neighborhood for a bit, too 🙂

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