How I Am Building My Pinterest Page

Building up my Pinterest pageA few months ago my bloggy friend Elena, over at Elena Peters: Midlife Blogger surprised me by doing an analysis of my Pinterest activity. I’d had an account for quite a while, but did little with it, and she very kindly decided to help me out as she has achieved great success with hers in a very short amount of time. Not only that, she created a series of posts, effectively a ‘How To’ guide on developing and growing a readership.

After reading her advice, this is what I did

  • Added my blog link and key words to the description of each of my boards.
  • Changed my account to a ‘business’ account.
  • Created a group board and invited other bloggers to share their posts. I’ve participated in one ofΒ Elena’s shared boards and it has been a great way to see more blog posts, so I’ve started my own.
  • Joined several other group boards.
  • Created different boards of things I am interested in: running, hair and beauty (ie, things that I could do myself without looking like a panda), photography, food, motivational quotes, Birmingham… I’ve gone pin crazy adding things that have inspired me.
  • Put the boards into an order that made sense – my blog board first, followed by my group board, followed by my interest boards, with my group boards at the end.

After a little while, I started to develop it even further.

  • I made my pins into ‘rich pins.’ This was quite a complicated process as I am a .com site and not a self-hosted .org like Elena, so I will give more details on this in a later post.
  • I started to created pin-worthy images. For this, I use Canva on my iPad – it’s a free app, extremely easy to use and I have had lots of fun trying out new ideas and styles with it.
Images created with Canva

Some of the images I have created with Canva

  • I have also started putting keywords into the ‘Alt’ section of my images before I publish the post.

And the results? For one, my following has more than doubled, although it has admittedly slowed down recently due to my lack of activity on there at the end of September.

Since Elena’s advice I have seen a steady, but noticeable increase of an extra 100+ views, and my October views are set to be sizeably higher. In fact, they will have tripled in just a few months, which is amazing considering the small amount of time and attention I actually put into the account.

Want to know more? You can find mine and Elena’s amazing set of offers for setting your blog for success in 2017, with brilliant advertising opportunities and a KILLER Pinterest and Twitter course bundle…

Simply click on the image below



54 thoughts on “How I Am Building My Pinterest Page

  1. Thank you for the shout out! I am so proud of you. Many people take advice, but few take it to implementation. You have definitely done that and more! I hope your Pinterest account continues to grow and wish you much success!

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  3. I do have a Pinterest account, but it is woefully neglected – I just don’t have time to manage it properly at the moment! However, I will make time (at some point, when the time thieves stop stealing it away) πŸ™‚

  4. I love Pintrest! I have set up a hidden board which I use to add images that I want to use in my blog posts. I also use it add work as we are constantly on the look out for nice non-stocky look images that reflect our brand guidelines so it’s useful as too as a curtain tool. Great to hear how you have been using it Suzie and Elena’s advice is fantastic. Lots more to do with my boards for sure!

  5. Wonderful blog, Suzie! I trust you’re feeling much better now. I don’t have a Pinterest account, but I really enjoyed this. I’m so happy for your growth. And you’re awesome, Elena!!

  6. Thanks for sharing this awesome advice! I’ve been looking into using Pinterest as a writer, and this has given me a ton of ideas. SUPER helpful, and thanks again!

    • Thank you! I can’t really take much credit for it – it’s all based on Elena’s advice… And it works! The only trouble is, I’m getting a little bit of an addiction already haha!

  7. Hi Suzie I would be very interested in how you managed to create rich pins on your blog. I googled but could only find info for self hosted .org, and for them its very easy indeed. I suspect for us its not easy at all! All that html stuff just fries my brain! Any advice about where to go for advice, or will you be blogging about how you did this?

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  9. Here from Edwina’s Episodes. I technically have a pinterest acct, but don’t use it. Just keeping up with blogging, email and fb is almost more than I can do! Oh well…..
    Thanks for the tips, hope other people find great success like you did.

  10. A really great post! I’m going to add my blog address to my boards, I hadn’t thought of that. I was toying with starting a shared board, but I’ll leave that til next month I think. Thanks for fab tips!

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