The Diary of Roxy Collins – Holiday Preparations #writers #chicklit #amwritingcomedy

I love the ‘Diary of Roxy Collins’ series created by Lucy over at Blonde Write More – hop on over and check it out!



Roxy is my comedy blog series which runs every Monday on my blog. All the instalments can be found here.

I hope you enjoy this week’s diary entry. For those of you that missed last week’s instalment, Roxy has been asked by her family to go to Greece and persuade her cousin Maggie to come home and marry her fiancé Vince, after jilting him at the altar.


12.08 P.M. Stood in supermarket ‘Hair and Beauty’ section. I am happily filling up my basket with various products for my unexpected trip to Greece, to rescue my wayward cousin Maggie.

Uncle Bob has already transferred my travel expenses to my bank account.

I can’t leave money untouched, I have to be doing something with it, like spending it on beauty products.

12.10 P.M. Just made a young male supermarket store assistant blush by asking him whether the Female…

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