The Zola Story and a Twitter Meltdown

The Zola storyYesterday Twitter went into meltdown over a woman’s story about a trip to Florida with someone that she met a Hooters.

Aziah King, with the Twitter handle @_zolarmoon, shared the events in a series of over a hundred tweets, and tells of stripping, prostitution, pimps, a failed suicide attempt and a possible murder. While the story has since been deleted, it was clear from looking at her tweets after it went viral that this isn’t the first time she had posted it, but this time each part was retweeted hundreds of times, eventually resulting in not just the story, but the characters themselves becoming worldwide trending topics.

While it’s unclear how true the story is, it has been applauded for it’s character development, plot twists and suspense. There have been calls for it to be made into a screenplay, and compared to modern smash hit series like Empire. Aziah’s Twitter following went from 750 followers to 50,000 + overnight.

Want to read the full story? You’re going to need about twenty minutes, but it’s worth your while.

Click here

Perhaps this will spark a new trend in self publishing?

What do you guys think? Have you read it?

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20 thoughts on “The Zola Story and a Twitter Meltdown

  1. For years the academic murmer is that the novel is dead, that there are no new stories to be written. “They’ve” been telling that story since I was an English Major almost 40 years ago. But we are just too creative. Writing will find a way.

  2. I read it – and it was a good story, kept me reading till the end. Interesting way to tell a tale, felt very authentic even if it wasn’t true, though I thought the ending seemed a bit neat. If it was true – how awful!

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