Duck Faces and Trifle


It was The Bloke’s mother’s 80th birthday today, so we travelled up north to join the rest of his (rather large) family and close friends for a celebration at a lovely hotel.

The last time I met them all together was for The Bloke’s father’s funeral a few years ago, so it was nice to see everyone again in much better circumstances.

It was a really lovely afternoon – I talked and laughed lots, practiced my best ‘duck face’ with The Bloke’s cousin (during which I looked like I was having some sort of strange episode), joined in the family photographs and ate some pretty tasty trifle. It couldn’t have been any more British if they tried – awesome – and with a truly brilliant group of people. And I’ve developed my duck face technique too – apparently it’s all about the dimples at the side of the lips, which I’m getting better at.

That’s a lie, I still think I look stupid…

After a fifteen hour day, I’m now back home, but I was glad that after a horrible week for The Bloke, he was able to be around people who love and care for him…

I’m feeling exhausted and want to go to bed, but I agreed to post every day for #NaBloPoMo, so today’s description is lacking. However, I’ve got some exciting updates and a whole bunch of comments to reply to, so I’ll do that while hosting #SundayBlogShare tomorrow… Thank you so much for the crazy amount of support we got this week!!!

Hope to see you all there!!

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  1. Sounds like a great bit of fun. Your so lucky to have enjoyed great company and so sweet to see the happiness in your man for being around his family. I feel the love in this post. Cheers!

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