The Romance of Ghostbusters and McDonalds…

imageI was in the staffroom this morning when my friend Steve walked in to say hello. It was his final day at work as he and his lovely wife, Kirsty, have decided to move down to the coast to live the surfing dream that they have sought after for a long time. I’ve got to know them over the last few years and they’re an absolutely adorable couple… and they love cats as much as I do.

While Steve was having a chat with another colleague, I checked my Facebook timeline. Two posts immediately appeared in succession from both of them – today is their nine year anniversary.

This is what Kirsty put:



This is what Steve put:


I couldn’t help but laugh at the varying degrees of romantic expression in the two posts… I’ll never quite look at Ghostbusters in the same way again.

Lots of love to you both x

Want to know how they get on in their huge life change? Kirsty has an absolutely beautiful WordPress blog go and follow Landlocked Surfgirl

(For those of you that may be worrying, I have had permission from them to do this…)

15 thoughts on “The Romance of Ghostbusters and McDonalds…

  1. Stoked and honoured that we are the subject of your blog post Suzie and thank you so much for your kind words! I didn’t see Ste’s post until later on and also had to laugh. He can be romantic honestly! 2 days to go til the big move and I keep meaning to do a blog post before we go..better get on it!

  2. Stoked and honoured to be featured on your blog Suzie and thanks so much for your kind words! I didn’t see Ste’s post straight away but had to laugh when I did. He can be romantic honestly! 2 days to go til the move date and I keep meaning to do a blog update…better get on it!

  3. I snaffled this from FB and rewrote it into a short story. Sort of sums up the Mars/Venus thing.

    Her diary: Tonight I thought my husband was acting strange. We’d made plans to meet after I’d been shopping with girlfriends, ones he doesn’t really care for. I was a bit late, and I thought that’s why he’s moody. Conversation was stilted. I suggested we go and have a chat somewhere quiet. But he just sat there, nodding and mumbling. I asked what was wrong but he said ‘nothing’. He said he wasn’t upset and it wasn’t me. I told him I loved him as we went home but he just nodded again. It was like I wasn’t there. At home I fixed us a drink but still he wouldn’t say anything beyond I shouldn’t get upset and then he went and watched the TV, sort of goggle-eyed. Eventually when it was clear the silence would continue I went to bed. He came about 30 minutes later and said nothing, just turned his back and went to sleep. I cried; I don’t know what to do. I’m certain his thoughts are with someone else. My life is a disaster.

    His diary: Motorbike won’t start and I can’t figure out why.

  4. I like how the juxtaposition of the sexes can easily be depicted. If you had asked us to read two Facebook postings with names hidden and asked, “Choose which of the two, Steve or Kristy, wrote each comment?” The unanimous answers would know the guy wrote about his McD’s while the girl wrote the other more sentimental comment. 🙂

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