Not In My Name…

After hearing the decision to launch strikes in Syria, I was horrified at the imminent death sentence that has been given to countless innocent civilians.

I don’t use this space to promote my political views or agendas, but I’m angry that a decision was made on my behalf by a group of over 300 people, most of them belonging to a party that I didn’t vote for.



17 thoughts on “Not In My Name…

  1. Politics will deplete your reader base, I tried it long ago. There has been a mass shooting in California today. I am just numb… Our governments are a load of idiots.

  2. Yes Americans can speak on this subject endlessly. None of this will get anyone anywhere and will leave lots of arm-less, legless, parent-less, rightfully angry children who will grow up wanting to do the same. No one in power cares or thinks of the consequences.

  3. My point exactly. What’s the point of bombing Syria when most terrorists have British, French and Belgian passports? Why don’t they look into who buys the petrol and the antiquities these people are finding themselves with? And who meddled in these countries in the first place? But how will the poor arms industries make a nice profit when there are no wars… Again, as ever, it’s all about financial and political interests. Makes me sick to my stomach.

  4. Politicians are supposed to serve the will of the people. It would be nice if once in a while they asked our opinion. More air strikes at Syria will kill more civilians who will then hate the West and be recruited by ISIS. We’re promoting their recruitment drives.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  5. But on the plus side, the pro-war camp has admitted that our involvement is largely symbolic and unlikely to make any different in the campaign so its almost as if we aren’t even bombing at all.

  6. Never in my name. Agree with you wholeheartedly. They are children playing with fire. As for the heckling Tories during Corbyn’s speech, disgust doesn’t even begin to describe my reaction.

  7. I’m a polar opposite to Corbyn on so many things but he’s right here. It never works like this and never will. Having politicians vote with their consciences can work (I’m old enough to remember the free votes on the death penalty when Parliament voted against public opinion not to restore it – they were right in my book then) but this time they are off with the faeries. In many ways we will regret this. And well done for sticking your neck out, Suzie.

  8. Our real enemies are the shareholders of the arms manufacturers. Totally with you on this. I feel heartsick that we cannot stop the slaughter of innocent people and feel ashamed to be part of a culture than can do this.

  9. I couldn’t agree more, Suzie. Killing is wrong on so many levels, no matter how it’s apparently “justified.” The fact is, there IS no way to justify it. Murder is murder. Some would say this a simplistic view, that there are shades of grey, but I see absolutely no way to make it okay or acceptable. Thank you for posting!

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