The Monster is Back and I’ve Got No Blanket

Phil was one of the very first bloggers I found on WordPress, and over the years he’s been a legend… Today, he needs our support…

The Phil Factor

I’m going to do something different. Typically my blog is all about the humor. Or at least what I hope others will find humorous. This idea/experiment might occasionally include humor but it’s going to be serious. I usually publish my posts to Facebook and a few other social media outlets. This once a week post will only be here on WordPress.

A little over twelve years ago, the morning after we had attended a Halloween party, she found it. A lump in her breast. Testing over the next two weeks confirmed that it was breast cancer. A surgery was scheduled. The recommendation was for one breast and a few lymph nodes to be removed. Being a medical professional herself, she opted for the most aggressive course of treatment, a double mastectomy, to hopefully decrease the risk of a return in the future.

That’s the thing with cancer. You have to…

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