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My third ‘Top Blogger to Follow in 2016’ is the lovely Helen from Journey to Ambeth. I had the pleasure of meeting her at last year’s Annual Bloggers Bash, and she’s as lovely in person as she is in the online world! Enjoy!

Helen Glynn Jones

The other day I opened a box full of memories.

I’ve been having a big clearout recently, inspired by Marie Kondo’s ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying‘. Even though I’ve moved a lot in my life (twenty-four times at last count), clutter still tends to accumulate, especially when you have children.

So into cupboards I went, discarding clothing and dishes with abandon. Then I found this box. I should mention that I love trinket boxes and have quite a collection of them – this was one of the more unusual additions. I was about to put it back in the cupboard, when I decided to open it and look inside.


And I found treasure.

A photo of me with a friend from Grade Nine. My University Library Card. A note from my brother, over twenty years old. A birthday badge saying ‘I am 24.’ A flower which I think…

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  2. I’m reading this as we are getting our beloved lake house ready for sale – retirement is not all its cracked up to be, and we need the money in order to be able to do other things. Lots of clutter to clear out!

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