Want to Detox this January? Go Organique!

A little while ago I organised and attended a blogging event at Organique, my favourite store for natural beauty products in Birmingham. I discovered it in Autumn of 2015, and in my initial visit the manager, Justyna, gave me a consultation and recommended products based on my skin type. I’ve been using them regularly (to be fair, I’m a little obsessed with some of them), and I’ve noticed the quality and tone of my skin has improved immensely in the last few months.

The store has only been open for about six months, and is the only one in the UK, so the event was a great opportunity to introduce local beauty bloggers to the products on offer. I blog about most things, but beauty isn’t one of them (despite my recent obsession with make-up and vlogging tutorials), I was interested to see how experienced beauty bloggers did reviews.

After several weeks of emails, tweets, Facebook invitations, several last minute cancelations and lists, I found myself stood in a group of awesome young women who were all keen to meet and greet and try out the products. Justyna had done some lovely snacks (of which most of them my friend and I ate) and I loved the fact that everybody was chatting and getting to know each other.

What I love about Organique the most is the sheer variety and amount of things on offer, from beautiful salts and bath bombs, to face masks, cleansers, toners, shea butters… It’s a bath-a-holics dream. However, Justyna wanted to particularly focus on the types of masks available and gave demonstrations on how to mix and apply the products effectively. We looked at and tried different types of clay masks, which were fantastic. My favourite in particular was the algae mask, which turned into a rather rubbery consistency after a few minutes and could be simply peeled off after a while, and it left my skin feeling incredible! I also loved the Gold Corundum Peeling Cream (that contains real gold) leaving a shimmer on the skin.


Taken from the Organique website – click on the image for the link!

So, as resolutions are being made to change our eating habits and we are more conscious of the things we put into our bodies, why not examine the products we are putting on our skin too?

After the success of the first event, it is likely that a second one will be held later in January – if you are in the West Midlands and want to participate, drop me an email at suzie81blog@hotmail.co.uk or tweet me @suzie81blog and I’ll send you the details.

3 thoughts on “Want to Detox this January? Go Organique!

  1. I’ve made a good attempt to eat organics and whole foods whenever possible, so I’ve also gone to using more natural products on the skin – shampoo, lotion, body soap, dish detergent, etc. Some can be a bit pricey, but it’s worth the cost and it definitely has a positive effect on skin. If Organique is unavailable to some of your readers (this is the first I’ve heard of that brand), I would highly recommend the Acure brand. Again, a bit pricey, but worth it.

  2. Suzie I have a women’s organization in the U.S. what about Organique expanding here? We would be interested in trying their products and sharing the information with our ladies?

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