Rise and Fall

At the minute, most days are what I would describe as being ‘inoffensive’ – the hours generally pass without euphoria or incident, and I generally go about my business with a sense of contentment. Sometimes I experience enormous high moments, and on rare occasions, absolutely crashing lows.

Today was such a day. In direct contrast to the beauty of yesterday, my Tuesday was filled with constant lateness, rudeness, apathy, lethargy and tantrums.

All. Bloody. Day.

I can be extremely short-tempered in my personal life, but I’m surprised by the levels of patience I’ve developed over the years when I’m in professional mode and it takes an awful lot for me to lose my temper. However, I had to be conscious of taking deep breaths, communicating in a low, calm voice and frequently reminding myself that today was just ‘one of those days,’ and that it would be over soon.

It’s amazing how quickly the old feelings return during moments of weakness. I haven’t felt truly anxious or panicky in a long time, but this afternoon I returned home with a stress-induced headache, a tight chest, nausea and knots in my stomach.

As always, the person I consult in times of anger (or, for that matter, happiness, sadness and anything else on the emotional spectrum) is mum. The fountain of all knowledge, she knows exactly what to say to put things into perspective, and combined with enjoying a cheeky cigarette (I know, I know) and listening to the ultimate 80’s stadium rock playlist while lying in a hot bubble bath, I now feel a little more on-track than I did.

I also discovered something awesome happens when you sing Supercalifragalisticexpialidocious to Siri… It didn’t quite understand my accent (and yes, I sang all the right words before you question it)…


I’m easily amused…

And while today has sucked monkey balls, I know that tomorrow is a new day and I’m privileged to be living it… And it will be better…

45 thoughts on “Rise and Fall

  1. So I started singing this in bed and the poor Hub was really worried. Especially when Suri replied, “A spoonful of sugar would help that go down…”

  2. I’m off to try it with Siri. Me and Siri have lots of fun. I change the language sometimes and try and speak French or Mandarin. Also, when it’s in English mode there are some things it doesn’t understand – ever. Everytime I ask what age Bonnie Tyler is (this has been ongoing since 2014 Eurovision, he always thinks I’m saying Bonnie Taylor – everytime. Here’s another trick, get someone’s phone and even if it’s locked with a passcode hold the Siri button and say “call me Jobbie Face” or something funny and that’s what Siri will use for that person’s name from then on. Sooooo funny!

  3. Is there anything better than listening to 80’s stadium rock in the bath (or anywhere else for that matter) to lift your spirits?! Hope you’re feeling better dollface xo

  4. I love your phrase monkey balls!!! That in itself makes me smile and thank God, once more for allowing you to be a part of my life! Hope today was much better for you… I know you brightened my day!

  5. Is that you, Mary? I love that. On a random note, the woman who is the voice of Siri follows me on Twitter, for some reason… Hope your days have improved since this one xx

      • Thank you! Today was odd because I finished my third book – it has to go for an edit now but it’s always a strange feeling when you wrap up the story. Onto book four now. And then I had a wobble about book one – oh well lol. Loving Steve’s show though, I need a good dance!

  6. Hope you are feeling better. I don’t have Siri to sing to and I suspect the kids would dob me into community services if I started singing with them in the car. Only joking. My singing’s not that bad.
    I’ve been struggling with my moods a bit too lately. The weather is all over the shop here. Stinking hot one day and pouring with rain and freezing the next. Even had my electric blanket back on the other night. Hence, haven’t been going out much, which doesn’t help anyone. I bounce back pretty quickly though. Take care xx Rowena

      • Oh it’s more of a woe is me kinda anxiety or a how the heck am I going to find energy to do all of this, let’s just over think it some more kind of anxiety. The few melt downs have been beer induced so enjoying shandy’s now instead. Going to Dr’s for meds on Friday. I feel a bit fraud-ish because I’m worried about my MS rather than having very real anxiety in and of it’s self. Don’t worry mate, what you said just resonated with me :0)

      • You never need to consider any form of anxiety to be fraud-ish. You feel how you feel. And MS is such an awfully overwhelming thing to cope with… You’re a very strong person!

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