Quick and Easy Nutella Brownie Cake


Those of you who follow me on Pinterest may have noticed the amount of things I regularly re-pin on my ‘Desserts’ board. In fact, I can quite easily spend hours salivating over beautiful recipes, making a promise to myself that one day, I would actually bother to try them.

Unfortunately, I’m no Nigella, and while I can cook the basics, baking has never been something I have been particularly successful with. The Bloke, however, thoroughly enjoys it and our cupboards are filled with various trays and things that I have no idea what they do…

That is, until I discovered a recipe for brownies that used only three ingredients – a jar of Nutella (which I can eat just with a spoon), eggs and flour. Bargain. However, as I was following the recipe I found that my own attempts looked nothing like the pictures, so I added my own additional ingredient.

Thirty minutes later, I discovered that my ‘brownies’ had in fact turned into the most beautiful sponge I had ever made. Light, fluffy, gorgeous… Even The Bloke was impressed when I proudly presented him with a large piece, smothered in more Nutella and topped with mini-marshmallows and chopped hazelnuts.

I’ve since tried it twice more, and each time I get the same result, so I thought I’d share it with you.

Note 1: This recipe is not suitable for anyone who is allergic to nuts, eggs and gluten, anyone who is on a diet of any kind and/or anyone who is concerned about their BMI or their blood sugar levels. This is a calorific bake of yumminess that is perfect for pretending to your friends and family that you have skills in the kitchen.

Note 2: I don’t take myself too seriously, therefore this post doesn’t either. The recipe, however, does indeed work.

Note 3: I can’t find the original recipe I used (typical), but when I do I will link it at the bottom of the page.


1 450g jar of Nutella
2 eggs
70g self-raising flour
20ml water


1. Pre-heat the oven to Gas Mark 4/ 180 C/ 350 F (I hope that’s correct, I had to Google it)

2. Spoon out about 3/4 of the Nutella into a microwaveable bowl. Heat for 20 seconds until the Nutella is slightly runny.


3. Attempt to avoid directly spooning the melted Nutella directly into the mouth.

4. Put the rest of the ingredients into a bowl. Whisk – a hand mixer is not necessary as this takes very little effort (and saves on the washing up).

5. Add the melted Nutella and whisk until the mixture is combined.

Try not to be too impressed with my whisking skills...

Try not to be too impressed with my whisking skills…

6. Place into a tin lined with baking paper, or fill paper baking cases almost to the top in a muffin tin. I’ve used both, and both have worked perfectly well. In fact, I couldn’t find the brownie tin so I used a loaf tin instead… Very professional I know.

7. Put on the middle shelf of the oven for 25 minutes. Test with a knife, and it should come out clean. Bake for another 5 – 10 minutes if it doesn’t. Check it regularly at this point.


8. Place on a rack to cool. Ignore The Bloke when he tells you to leave it alone for a while and excitedly start preparing the toppings.

9. The toppings can be absolutely anything you want. The topping world is your oyster (although I wouldn’t advise using oysters – nobody needs large clumps of snot with their cake). I chose to decorate mine with Nutella (by melting another few spoonfuls from the remaining contents of the jar) and added mini-marshmallows and chopped nuts on the top, but this sponge is suitable for buttercream, hundreds-and-thousands, fondant flowers…

10. Wait until the cake is cool enough to place the toppings on without melting everywhere and causing a mess. Ideally, those of you with patience should wait until it is completely cool.


11. Take pictures of your creation and share it all across your social media accounts to show off.

12. Divide the cake into 8 squares (7 for me, 1 for The Bloke).


There you go! Feel free to give it a try – I’d love to see whether it works for you!

Do you have any recipes that you show off with?

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  3. Myself Suzie am not a cutty sewing person so completely understand where you are coming from. I should say though what I lack in the craft sewing place I gain in the baking kitchen place (I can bake). This recipe and method are both fool proof and with salted caramel on top even better great post!.
    The calories are humongous if you add them separately then divide them in to each portion it is almost a thousand calories. So a plan, 1. baking it in petite fore (tiny cup cake ones) cases would be good for a treat once a week. or 2.Freezing it once cut, and allowing one a month for a special treat could give you the inspiration to eat healthy the rest of the month.
    Because I’ll be damned if I am going without! πŸ˜‡

  4. Someday we will meet, I feel we are kindred in so many ways, but now, after reading this, I know we could get along famously in the kitchen. I do cook, and I do bake, but, I much rather eat baked good than make baked goods. I bake when I have to on birthdays and at Christmas… other than that… well that is what bakeries are for, right?

  5. You had me at Nutella and kept me at quick & easy. I’m gluten free but I bet I could sub in some GF flour and make it work. Yum. Thanks!

  6. As much as this sounds deliciously and needs to get in my belly, I’m alllllll good at bypassing the cooking and going straight to the spoon and the jar!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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  8. Suzi, this was so much fun to read – I love the way you write a recipe and this concoction looks delicious.
    I once make pineapple upside down cake, from scratch, and half way through the baking, discovered the sugar still sitting in its measuring cup on the counter. Fortunately the cake was plenty sweet from the pineapple slices and maraschino cherries. I’m never going to make it on that baking show.

    I think you should have this cake at your wedding, BTW.

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  10. Oh my goodness, this looks and sounds amazing! I love brownies and love Nutella so this is the perfect combination!

  11. 2 things I like about this post:
    – I’m impressed that I’m not the only one who eats nutella with a spoon from the jar 😳
    – I’m glad to find a recipe that uses ingredients I have in my cupboards & that is easy to make with my sons 😊

    Thanks – will now be pinning to try this weekend 😊

  12. Right, I’m rubbish at baking. I can manage fairy cakes but anything else I normally mess up. This recipe, however, looks really manageable and far too delicious to ignore! I will give it a go over the summer 😍 the marshmallows look like the perfect topping too. I might swap the nuts for some ridiculous sprinkles and hundreds and thousands though. Love it!

  13. This sounds and looks delicious and when you are eating cake, that is what it is all about. There is no calorie counting allowed! I hope you smeared a little flour on your face when you made this so The Bloke would see how hard you worked in the kitchen. πŸ˜‰

  14. Well, if The Bloke likes them I’d say that has just made the recipe valid then lol. My youngest loves Nutella so I think this might well be cooking in my kitchen between social media hops πŸ™‚

  15. Nutella finally came to the states and my children would roll around in it if that was socially acceptable. Thank you for this recipe, I’m telling my oldest about it now!

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