Us and Them

I loved this post from Becky… Definitely worth a read!

Only See Your Good Side

“You know their life expectancy is twenty years less than yours and mine?” she says, reading up on side-effects of medications.  Yours and mine, I think.  Well, maybe yours.

I basically operate a policy of non-disclosure at work regarding my own mental health.  Ever since one of my “lovely” colleagues (to whom I had mentioned my experiences after he disclosed some of his) turned to me in a busy handover and said: “of course, you’d know all about side-effects, wouldn’t you?” 

Beyond that, I stay quiet because this work isn’t really about me, or my diagnosis, or my problems.  It’s about the people we are trying to support.  Unless my disclosure would be of direct and substantial benefit to them, I think that my support should be enough to show that I empathise.

What concerns me, though, is this Us vs. Them attitude.  They are more likely to smoke.  They…

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