Hairstyles By Drew at the Hershesons Blow Dry Bar, Harvey Nichols

imageWhen it comes to hair care and styling, I’m very much a novice. My usual routine is wash, dry, leave it in a ponytail, or if I’m feeling fancy, wash, dry, battle with my hair straighteners and then watch as it gets fluffier throughout the day.

So, when I was invited to the Hershesons Blow Dry Bar at Harvey Nichols to try out the facilities and get a new style, I was excited! The stylist, Drew, promised that she would show me different ways of being able to curl my hair without looking like I’m sporting a 1980’s Dolly Parton wig.

It’s a beautiful place, situated at the back of Harvey Nichols in The Mailbox in Birmingham. The facilities, as would be expected, are spotless, and the staff were all extremely friendly as I walked in, immediately offering to get me a drink.

As promised, after Drew had washed my hair (which I had to admit that I had already washed as I couldn’t bear the thought of anyone touching my greasy barnet), she went through two different ways of curling it without it falling flat again immediately. Firstly, she started with a bouncy blow dry, pinning it in a manner that made me think of different characters from Coronation Street. However, when she took the pins out I was left with beautiful waves that framed my face.

Drew then curled my hair using curlers, using small strands of my hair at a time. She explained that after she had done the curl she was pulling the hair down slightly at the ends to create a wave effect, rather than ringlet style curls.

I absolutely loved the result, which you can see in the picture at the top. It didn’t take long to achieve, and Drew kept me entertained with her interesting conversation and sparkly personality (I could have sat there all day and chatted with her). I couldn’t believe that she is only 21 – she certainly knows her craft and was passionately talking to me about everything that the hair bar has to offer, her new Instagram page and the styles that she really likes to create.

I love the fact that you can choose from a whole range of styles, and it’s perfect to book an appointment to pamper yourself, or just before a night out or an event. For just £28.00, it’s worth every penny!

For more information, here’s their website.

Want to see more of what Drew can do? Check out her Instagram page

21 thoughts on “Hairstyles By Drew at the Hershesons Blow Dry Bar, Harvey Nichols

  1. Drew designed your hair style to compliment your face and that’s a skill many stylists don’t have. Your hair looks great, so pretty around your face, highlighting your eyes, cheeks, and smile.

    • Thank you! Oh it so would, but I spend most of my time in sweats with my hair back and no make-up so it takes me hours when I actually want to make an effort! Drew was really quick though – she really knows her stuff!

  2. I love my hair dresser so much that I drive 4 hours round trip to see her. She’s 25 but such an old soul and very fun to talk to even at my age of 42. And you just gave me a fab idea to write a post idea for! Thanks!

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