TBT! The Top Ten Most Ridiculous Dating Sites

My next Too Blogger to Follow in 2016 is the ever hilarious Phil from The Phil Factor. I’ve followed his blog for years and he’s become a good friend, and always a source of fabulous posts – I’ve stolen many of his ideas! Hop on over and say hi!

The Phil Factor

If my wife checks my search history without knowing I wrote this, she is going to be very upset. These are all real, except one. Try to be the first person in the comments to guess which one.

10. GlutenFreeSingles.comFifteen years ago no one on the planet knew what gluten was. I’m tempted to go to one of their live dating events and spike the punch with gluten.

9. ClownDating.comTo which all the ladies reading this reply, “They’re all clowns.”


8. StachePassions.comA site for men with facial hair and the ladies who love it. At least I hope it’s not a site where men find women with mustaches.

7. MagicMatch.comA dating site for grown up lovers of the Harry Potter books and movies. It would have to be magic for any of these nerds to find a date any other way.


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