I am Batman…

BatmanAfter a wonderful (and busy) half-term (more on that in a later post), I’m back at work. Even though I’ve been doing supply and freelance workshops for six months now, I’m still adjusting to the changes in my schedule and the difference in workload, but I’m predominantly loving it.

The students also find it strange at times – some I have worked with for years in the role of their music teacher and have found it quite confusing to see me in their maths, Spanish or ICT lessons, but I have been incredibly lucky in that my history with them means that they know my rules and expectations for each lesson, regardless of the subject: they sit down, get their stationary out, work in silence, and ask either myself or their peers as many questions about the work as they like if they find it challenging.

I have noticed, however, that the younger students’ attitudes have changed slightly. Not that it has made any difference to the way they behave in their lessons, but I have sensed more of a dismissive attitude towards me as a person. Generally, it doesn’t bother me – as long as their work is completed to the highest possible standard, and they have understood what they have learned, my job is done. I have also noticed, without going into details, that because I am not a constant teacher that they see on a weekly basis, some are a little more open with their questions and opinions of who and what they think I am.

I was thinking about this today when a student almost died from shock when I answered the question of how I spent my half-term. As always, it’s almost beyond comprehension to them that I actually have a life – it’s encouraged within the profession for teachers to be anonymous human beings outside of the school gates. They have no idea that I have friends, a relationship and a family. That I regularly go out to watch films, or out for meals or drinks, or to see shows. They don’t know that I laugh, or that I cry, or worry. They don’t know that I have this little blog (that I’m aware of at least).

Quite simply, I am living two different lives.

I am Batman.


42 thoughts on “I am Batman…

  1. Love the post and concept of double life leading. When the two collide during the holidays or at a weekend when you are “spotted” that’s always amusing. I find my kiddies like it when I share some info about my “other” life. One even remembered to ask how my decorating went when we came back after the October half term!

    • Haha! I tell them things that I’ve done or bought and I always find their amazement amusing! I hate seeing them outside of the school because I feel like I have to get back into teacher mode again…

      • It was pure scandal when they found out another teacher and I were dating…. But when they found out we were engaged that was headline news for them 😊

  2. LOL. I am just working on a post titled “I’m Batman” – we must share a brain (or at least a secret identity. It’s only fair, since he’s been played by so many actors…).

    • I love it when that happens – you get an idea and post it and then find someone else with the exact same title at the same time! Great minds think alike!

  3. We did some filming at a local school yesterday, for work, and one of the students said she could never understand why anyone would want to be a teacher, because school is rubbish so why would you choose to spend longer there than you had to by working in one.

    Made me giggle.

  4. I once ran into a kid I worked with outside of our day care setting and he freaked out and said “who is watching the kids?!” I think he thought he was the only one who went home for the weekends.

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