A Fairy Door in the Woods


The Bloke is a talented photographer and often travels off with his camera to try and find new and interesting perspectives of our local area. We’re very lucky – we live practically next door to two beautiful parks, teeming with British wildlife, and when he gets back I’m always interested to see what he’s discovered.

One set of pictures from the other day caught my eye – he’d spotted something at the bottom of a tree. It was a little fairy door… I have no idea as to who created them, but the child in me instantly thought of Alice in Wonderland. Beautiful. I wonder who lives at 136?


He’s very kindly given his permission for me to use the image…



76 thoughts on “A Fairy Door in the Woods

  1. I utterly ADORE this! We don’t have anything like this over here, Suzie! I have always loved magical and mystical woods. Here’s to The Bloke for finding this brilliant Fairy Door! Happy Easter to you both!! Cher xo

  2. A brilliant image Suzie. I love these doors because of the stories you can make up for grandchildren about who lives there and the stories they can make up too. Funny though, I’ve never actually caught anyone coming or going from them.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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