Travel Blog of the Day: A Girl and Her Passport

Over the last few years I have been lucky enough to visit a number of places that are on my bucket list, and my enthusiasm for travel has certainly grown because of it. However, when I saw Tiffany’s adventures over on her blog, A Girl and Her Passport, I was immediately jealous!

Tiffany is an American expat living in Qatar. From there, she travels the world exploring countries’ culture, art, history, and food and she likes to share it with her readers through stories and truly fabulous photography. Her focus is on independent travel with an eye for finding the uniqueness of each place that she visits. She also blogs a little about things to do in Qatar.

What I particularly love about her blog is that she doesn’t just write about all the wonderful places she has visited, she offers advice, hints and tips on how to travel, which I have found really useful, and dispels and worries that potential travellers may have about certain areas of the world that may have unjustly have a reputation for being potentially dangerous. Tiffany’s posts are easy to read, informative and the photographs that she shares has meant that my bucket travel list has now doubled!

Check out her blog here.

You can follow her on Twitter at @agirlpassport

Totally worth your time…


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