On a Train… Again

imageI’m on a train up north to spend a few days with the family as its my sister’s birthday. I’m not a fan of travelling this way during the week – my normal routine is to get one around 6.00am at the weekends, as nobody else has got out of bed at that time and it means that I can sit where I like and not be disturbed by screaming kids or poncy businessmen talking in buzzwords on their phones. As you can see from the image, it’s a cold and miserable day, but this is nothing new – it always seems to rain whenever I go up to Manchester.

As predicted, the train is rammed, but I shoved my way to the front, got on first and bagged a seat that doesn’t have a reservation. I have learned over the years that it doesn’t pay to be polite, unless you wish to stand for the entirety of the journey (how sad, but unfortunately a fact of dealing with the British general public), and I’m currently sitting by myself, listening to Bon Jovi (I had to put my headphones in to drown out the noise of the person opposite playing an online gambling game really loudly on his phone), eating my breakfast and watching a whole bunch of people squabble about who is sitting in each other’s seats. It’s quite amusing – I must look intimidating for some reason because a family have just had an argument about sitting next to me – apparently none of the them want to, one of them remarking that they would rather stand up. Fine by me! Hopefully, I’ll be left in peace to put my make-up on, and get on the blog, when the internet signal permits.

It’s looking to be an interesting few days – I’m catching up with some old friends, one who I haven’t seen in person for about 5 years, relaxing with mum and the dogs, and then having a meal with the family.

I also realised that tomorrow is going to be my THREE YEAR blog anniversary. Holy sh*tballs Batman! In celebration, I’ve decided to hold a competition over the weekend, with the winner being offered a guest post spot here at Suzie Speaks – I haven’t done one of these in a very long time, and with a collective audience of over 15,000 readers and 540,000 views, it should be a great chance for someone to get some free promotion! Check out my anniversary post tomorrow for more details!

Hope you’re all having a lovely start to the day!

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21 thoughts on “On a Train… Again

  1. Be glad that its today you’ve arrived here, yesterday we were being beaten about the face by horizontal hailstones every half an hour.

  2. I’ve always loved trains but I guess riding them every day isn’t all that much fun. I had to ride public buses in Hawaii to get to school, and it was a miserable experience. I always had 6 – 8 huge, heavy textbooks and was only 11. The buses were always overcrowded and the people always unpleasant. Most of the ride was spent standing, trying to juggle the books while being swung all around by the drive. On top of that, I always got nasty looks and comments from other riders, most of whom weren’t students.
    At least you have a fun experience to look forward to, celebrating with family. Enjoy the birthday fete.

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