Blog Anniversary and Guest Post Competition


I received my notification from WordPress this morning that it was three years ago that I signed up Suzie Speaks and published my very first post.

I wrote a post a while ago that I planned to publish today, but decided against it – I wouldn’t be saying anything my regular readers haven’t heard before. Instead I’ve decided to make my blogiversary (yes Phil, I’m using that word) an opportunity for someone else, and I’m launching a competition to win a guest post spot here on Suzie Speaks.

It’s been a long time since I had a guest post on the blog, and the winner will be given the chance to have one of their articles published here on a Sunday of their choice, which is my biggest day for traffic. Suzie Speaks has a readership of over 15,000 people, and their post will be also promoted all across my social media pages, including #SundayBlogShare, my blog sharing hashtag that trends every week here in the UK. Suzie Speaks doesn’t have a niche or theme, so the content of the post can be pretty much anything (although, be aware that I will not promote any posts that advocate things like hunting, the wearing of fur, or anything with racist, homophobic, sexist or religious material). It doesn’t matter how established your blog is, what type of blog you have, or what host you use – everyone and anyone is welcome to participate! It does need to be a new post though, and not something that you’ve featured on your own blog before. It’s a fantastic opportunity to promote your blog to a wonderful community of people and boost your traffic in the process!

For those of you that are interested, here is what you have to do.

Follow me on any of my social media pages: you can also find me on Twitter and Tumblr @suzie81blog and don’t forget to like check out my Facebook page, my Pinterest page and my Instagram page and share this post on there. If you don’t have social media, you can reblog this post.

Leave a comment below that specifically states that you wish to be considered for the guest post spot, and an idea of what your post will be about (just a sentence or two).

The competition will remain open until Sunday evening, so if you don’t have an idea immediately, there’s plenty of time to figure something out!

Looking forward to seeing your ideas! Hope you all have a lovely Friday!

106 thoughts on “Blog Anniversary and Guest Post Competition

  1. Happy blogiversary! I’m glad I’m keeping up with your blog again even when I don’t always comment! I think I already follow you on all social media we both have! I’d love to be considered for the competition. πŸ™‚

  2. Congrats on your blogiversary!
    I would love to throw my name into the hat, in fact, you could use mine! It could be a “fly on the wall” post or a spring adventure…

  3. What an amazing and generous offer – can I be considered for the guest post slot please? It would be something on writing/ blogging… that’s pretty much all I think about at the moment! (That and writing haiku about zombies, but I’ll keep that for my own blog πŸ˜‰ )

  4. First off, congrats on the blogiversary! I’ve been reading you almost from the beginning and I’ve seen your posts grow so wonderfully! You’re making it happen and I applaud you. I would love to be considered for the guest spot. My post would be about finding joy in some manner – not exactly what yet as they typically come to me as I go about my life. Usually I take an ordinary incident that I would see as typically negative and try to find some joy in it. πŸ™‚ Congrats once again and good luck! Can’t wait to read on and read the guest blogger’s post, too.

  5. How fun and happy 3 year blogiversary! I’d love to be a guest poster on your blog! I’d like to share with parents how starting early in the college scholarship process with their students can pay off BIG time when it comes time to pay for college. The post has been written in my head for WEEKS and it needs to come out! πŸ™‚

  6. Heartiest of congrats on such an enormous milestone… gosh you are old, aren’t you! Anyhoo, I’ll throw my hat in the ring. As for a theme well I think it’s why Dog should receive 50% of the royalties from my books

  7. Congratulations Suzie, and Happy Blogiversary! I am sure that I already follow you on Social media but will make sure! This is a wonderful opportunity that you are offering and I would love to be considered for the guest blogger spot! I am not sure what it would be about yet, but probably a poem of some sort, no doubt!

  8. Congrats! That’s an impressive amount of time blogging! I’d love to be considered as you’ve been such an inspiration to me and the first blog I ever read. My post would be based on an experience of some sort 😊

  9. Hi Suzie from Suzi in Australia. Please consider me for your guest post. I will write about my life with a rare genetic disorder and how I use resilience and inner strength to manage.

  10. Your blogs are great – I’ve learnt so much from them about blogging/social media, and #sundayblogshare opened up a whole new world! So, congrats on 3 years of blogging. I’d love to be considered for a guest post – something about travel/taking a year off work (with a few photos, of course).

  11. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary, dear Suzie!! Yeay Suzie! I would be so grateful to participate in the competition. My post would be about my recent experience being interviewed by a Canadian radio station as to what it’s like living in Chicago as a Canadian expat. Thank you, Suzie! Cher xo

  12. Happy Anniversary, blogiversary, or birthday whatever we are going by today. Three years is amazing! At the urging of our mutual friend Annette (and I would hate to let her down) I’ll take the Pepsi taste test challenge for a guest posting shot. My little retired Russian KGB hamster Hammy does have a back story after all that hasn’t been told πŸ™‚

  13. Hi, Suzie! I apologize if this doubles up, I tried to submit my first comment and was told I wasn’t logged in. I’d love to be considered for a guest spot and would write something about how mindful living = mindful spending = a richer, fuller life overall!

  14. Thank you for the opportunity. I would love to be considered please and I would like to write an article about how i am learning to cope with the fact that multiple kids are different

  15. How generous and thoughtful. Jumps up and down with arm raised high “pick me” “pick me”!! Happy Third Blogiversary. I would like to post about The Family Foundation School which was basically a cult riddled with abuse and degradation. Or if that’s too heavy Grandma Shaming or Feral Dinosaur Toes are recent topics.

  16. Hi Suzie, thanks for the opportunity! It would be great to have the chance to post a blog on your site. I’d like to blog about doing up our house, we’ve started some work and I’ve been blogging as we go along, for any fellow lovers of looking at/ doing up houses out there!

  17. Congratulations! You were one of the first bloggers I met! I’d love to be considered for a guest spot promoting my new site for trauma survivors and explaining why I’m not ashamed to discuss child abuse and child rape.

  18. Congrats, Suzie! I would love to be considered but since being an original pantser when it comes to writing, I’ll have to go with what comes in mind and heart. Anyway, I wish you all the best and many more blogging years to come! πŸ™‚

  19. Happy Blogiversary!! Thank you for also using your achievement to benefit other bloggers. Love to be a part of the competition β€” blogging about brain dumps – healthy ways to clear your head space. Thanks again and much love to you πŸ˜€

  20. Congrats on your blogiversary (yes, I use that one too), Suzie!!! You’ve done an amazing job here, I love to visit!!! Thanks for all the lovely reads. πŸ™‚

  21. Hello Suzie, I just ran across your really neat blog and I have followed you on FB, Pinterest and Instagram (appears as Lana Broussard)…I write under the pen name L.T. Garvin. I would love to be considered for a guest blog. I write fiction, poetry and stories. The post I would like to submit is a story in poem form of my Uncle’s World War I I story and how it affected his family. In any event, you and your readers are invited to check out my blog. Thank you so much!

  22. Happy anniversary ! Lovely way to celebrate. Thank you! I would love to enter. Am halfway through a blog on books I bought just because they were so aesthetically pleasing to the eye! I don’t know if that is worth being an entry but you might like it!!! Enjoy your anniversary as a happy blogger.

  23. Hello Suzie!! I just found you via Blog Share Learn! HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY!!!! Three years is wonderful! I would love to be considered for a guest post, what an amazing offer. I’ve followed you where I can, and retweeted your post. If I were to write, it would probably be about how to create great vibes in a specific room of your home, or something to do with gratitude or mindfulness! Lovely to ‘meet’ you. x πŸ™‚

  24. Congrats Suzie! Wow 3 years … Hope there’s cake involved in this celebration! πŸ™‚

    I’d like to be considered as a Guest Poster … Would probably be about my adventures buying my first home! (Which has been all kinds of scary, exciting and peculiar).

  25. Congrats on your 3 Year Blogiversary! I visit your blog often and am inspired by it. I would love to be considered! Since I’m inspired by your blog, I would use my “guest blog” to post about another woman that I’m inspired by. I’m using my blog this year (partly) to interview people that I find inspiring.

  26. Congratulations on your Blogiversary. Three years is super impressive! I would love to be considered as an entrant for you competition, most particularly because this is actually my first day blogging, so we’re both celebrating blogiveraries of a sort, your for three years, mine for first day. As of yet, I have no idea how I would re-blog you as I’m not even sure what that would mean? Please, if you can tell me I’d be more than happy to do so. Though it might seem trite, I’d love to offer a guest blog post from where I stand at the beginning of a blogging adventure, talking about my hopes, my wildest fantasies of where I (probably naively) hope blogging could take me, and indeed the massive fear that blogging might be a catastrophic failure for me. Being able to field questions too for comment and answer would be an amazing opportunity for me starting out. Wow, I really hope this doesn’t sound too much like I’m trying to come over all doe eyed Oliver going up to the desk and asking “More!” But once again, happy Blogiversary, I am loving reading your blog so far and your blogging tips, which I am looking through are proving really useful.

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