Author Interviews @AuthorHelenJ #authors #writers

I love Lucy’s blog, and I love it even more when she interviews an author whose novels I am currently reading! Really interesting post here – please don’t comment on or like my reblog, go on over to Blonde Write More and show her and Helen some love!


Author Interviews

Welcome to my weekly slot – Author Interviews. 

Every Saturday on my blog I interview an author, find out a little bit more about the person behind the novel and glean some insight about being a writer.

This week I am delighted to have author Helen Jones and blogger sat in my red chair.

Welcome Helen, please have a seat.

Tell me about yourself and the book / books you have written?

I’ve been a freelance writer for about a decade, but only sat down to write my own stories about three years ago. Before that they were just ideas scribbled into notebooks, occasional scenes I would write here and there.

I’ve lived around the world but started off life in Coventry, England, on which I based the fictional starting point for my Ambeth books. So far I’ve published two books in the series, Oak and Mist and No Quarter

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