Best. Search Term. Ever

I like to check out my search engine terms as often as possible – I’m always intruiged to find out how people have stumbled across my blog.

They never disappoint – I get all sorts of weird and wonderful sentences, often involving feet for some reason, but today I found this:



I love the Internet.

Don’t forget to check out tomorrow’s post, when I will be announcing the winners of my Guest Post competition. I had such a large response it has taken a while to go through them all, and I’ve decided to do three opportunities instead of just one.


I’m trying to get my Instagram page going – hop on over to for pictures of buildings and Dougal, my sister’s pug puppy. What more could anyone want in life?

38 thoughts on “Best. Search Term. Ever

  1. Thought of this post today when this popped up in the list of search terms people have used to find my blog:

    south african female teachers’s visible panty line in class room with big booty

    I swear – you can’t make this up! I have no idea how THAT brought anyone to my blog. I guess I could copy it into Google and see how many pages one has to scroll through to find my blog. Who has time for that? I know I have not written about South Africa. Nor have I written about panty lines. Fairly certain I’ve yet to write about big booties!

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