Notes From My Phone…


My phone goes everywhere with me, to the point where it has almost (however pathetic it sounds) become an extension of myself. I use the note section almost on a daily basis, mainly to record potential blog ideas for a later date.

I was doing a huge update on it the other day, and as I was transferring lots of data onto my laptop I came across a whole bunch of these ideas that had been written down and then promptly forgotten. I can’t actually recall writing some of them, but I can certainly relate to the point of my life in which I must have written them:

Are students getting worse?

When me becomes we.

There’s an enormously comforting feeling in my home on a Friday night. It’s a warm and cosy evening, followed by two days of uninterrupted time.Β 

I know him! (Friends who have become famous and/or hugely successful).

The Good, The Bad and The Bloggy.

Is it just about the chase? Does the fun and excitement lose its appeal after the goal is reached?

The best chat up lines I’ve ever received.Β 

I walked past my former best friend in the street today. Not a word was said, nor a glance exchanged. It hurt, even after all this time, more because of the fact I know it didn’t hurt him in the slightest.

Love is…

I’d love to be able to write an open letter to all my Facebook friends who seem to get a kick out of sharing every horrific story they can find on child and animal abuse ‘to raise awareness,’ apparently not realising that every single one destroys me a little inside.

The power of f*ck you…

My very own Delores Umbridge – the most hated woman in modern fiction.

You’d think that after a certain age, relationships would become easier. However, I’ve discovered that, while most of my friendships have solidified as we have aged, there is still a large amount of f*ckwittery that takes place, particularly when it comes to what they tell me about their romantic relationships.

We aren’t the bad guys…

You can’t help someone if they aren’t willing to help themselves.Β 

Unspoken rules between men and women…

Hi, I’m Suzie, I have a blog. Ok, it isn’t as extreme as that, but I can pretty much guarantee that any conversation I have when getting to know someone new will result in this topic coming up. It usually isn’t intentional – general conversation about interests and hobbies usually leads me to mentioning it as it is something I spend half of my free time doing and thoroughly enjoy doing.

Things I would do if I had 48 hours to myself with unlimited cash.

Honest things that I have always wanted to say to say to my students…

What about you guys? Do you have any random things written down in a notebook somewhere?

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50 thoughts on “Notes From My Phone…

  1. This is great! I also use the “notes” in my phone, almost as much as you do. It’s a delightful invention, isn’t it? However, I don’t use it for potential blog ideas. Instead, I use it for story ideas, themes, etc…

      • Yes, it’s very useful! I love it. It’s great, especially when I’m on the go and not near my journal, I just whip out my phone, enter and save whatever inspiration I may have, and I can look at it later, when I have more time. Brilliant!:) Thank you for asking.

  2. I have a whole shelf full of notebooks full of random stuff, plus files on my computer and notes on my phone. Every so often I look through them and find gold πŸ™‚

  3. I can relate to this Suzie! Your note about meeting people and mentioning that you have a blog made me smile – it’s usually then a bit awkward as you try to explain why you blog and how much you enjoy it! I always get ideas when I’m out walking in the forest and have sometimes made voice recordings so that I can remember what they were later on.

  4. Not only do I have a big fat notebook, I also keep a daily journal, and both are full of random thoughts and observations. Rereading the past is sometimes fun, sometimes enlightening, and sometimes…

    • I revisited an old journal about a year ago and couldn’t believe the angry mess I must have been – I had spewed out so much hatred into one space that I decided to tear it up and throw it all away!

  5. Haha. I use my notebook on my phone for the same thing. That, and sometimes stories or information I want to relay to someone, but I want to make sure I remember all important details. I also have saved to my documents on my computer a list of “blog ideas”. Totally forgot it was there until a few weeks ago.

    Love the 48 hour with unlimited cash idea! Ohhhhhhh, that could be fun!

    The best friend? Totally relate. Though the facts have been hitting me for a long, long time, I’ve only recently begun to allow myself to fully recognize that two people I considered my closest friends are anything but, and that our friendship means WAY more to me than to them. It’s a hard, painful thing to recognize, but there is freedom in it, too.

    Fun post!

    • Thanks my lovely. 48 hours and unlimited cash… ooh the thoughts I’ve had haha!

      Sorry to hear about your friends – it’s totally heartbreaking isn’t it when that happens!

      • Thank you. The truth is I am not sure if I feel more heartbroken or angry (at myself). Angry at myself because I’ve seen the signs, perhaps even recognized them, but they were spread out over time, so I looked the other way, and chose to deny what I knew was true. So, when I could no longer overlook or deny, I did feel heartbroken, but also angry at myself for overlooking. If that makes sense? πŸ™‚

  6. These are brilliant! All of mine end up getting turned into blog posts. Actually that’s a lie because there are a lot of ideas that I come up with at 3.00am when I can’t sleep and I forget. It’s great that you actually make a note of yours.

  7. I have notebooks. Electronic things break, or have cider thrown over them. You forget to back them up and lose very precious things or 8,000 words of the current work in progress.
    Yes, it was very recent and it was very painful (and expensive). It will take a lot to wean me off pen and paper.

  8. Oh my. Yes. I have tons of scattered notes with ideas. Whenever I have an interesting thought that could be a seed for a short story or post, it goes in my notes. Some of these… Delores Umbridge, the “awareness” shares (on Twitter for me), the power of f*ck you… These are so relatable.

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