A Saturday Night In…

saturday-night-out-kidding-in-my-jammiesIt’s Saturday night, and I’ve got myself into a highly comfortable position on the couch, snuggled up in my jammies and fluffy blankets. It’s the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, it’s St. George’s Day and if any day was the day to don my England shirt and go to the pub, it would be today, but I’m having my own little personal celebration at home instead. I’ve got my headphones in as I’m listening to Steve’s Talk About Pop Music radio show, while The Bloke watches a random film with the ever lovely Jason Statham, and the cats are still snoring after stuffing their face with fresh chicken earlier in the day. I’ve made myself an Amaretto Sours too! Actually, that’s a lie – I’ve poured a load of amaretto in a pint glass, shoved some lemon juice and lemonade on top, and then tipped lots of cocktail cherries in to finish it off. The cherries are now sitting on the bottom, I’ve forgotten to put the egg white in and I can’t be bothered to get up again to sort it out, so I’m making do – it still tastes yummy regardless! I would show you a picture, but it looks like I’ve urinated into a glass…

I love Saturday nights. The possibilities are endless (bank balance allowing), and I enjoy getting really dressed up and going out dancing with friends, or eating a nice meal at a restaurant or watching a film with The Bloke, or just spending the evening as we are now – adopting our inner vegetable and laying like broccoli. It’s quiet, it’s peaceful, and there’s always a sense of utter contentment that we’re warm, safe and our time is our own. I always feel incredibly lucky.

I’ve spent most of the day having an intention of doing something productive, but when The Bloke came back from town with Game of Thrones on DVD, so a large portion of the afternoon has been spent watching that and messing about on Snapchat. My sister finally convinced me to get on there, so I’m having lots of fun with the different selfie modes. And, of course, The Bloke has been forced to participate… We have a collective age of 81, but that’s how we roll.


This is proving to be a little more difficult than anticipated – I’m balancing my pint glass, typing, tweeting Steve and trying not to get distracted by the film. I’m also attempting to resist the urge to get up and make myself a cheese toastie or ten – I always get a craving for them whenever I’ve had a drink.

And there we have it – a totally (and slightly tipsy) pointless post to entertain myself, and hopefully a few of you too!

Happy St George’s Day!

What are you up to this evening?


53 thoughts on “A Saturday Night In…

    • I still like the nights out, just not as often as I used to haha! I used to go out in 6 inch heels and an outfit the size of a dishcloth… now it’s flats, and slippers and jammies as often as possible!

  1. love the idea of you lying like your inner veg; though broccoli? Does that suggest the cats have been playing with your hair and made you look like a floret?

  2. I usually prefer Saturday nights out (and by out, I just mean anywhere but my own home haha). But after spending all day in the hot sun, I’m looking forward to a night with A/C, cool drinks, and movies!

  3. Well, it’s no longer Saturday night, but Sunday morning. I’m doing a bit of reading whilst I sip in some yummy java because addicted.

  4. As I’m going to be busily preparing to move soon, eight and a half hours down the interstate, to Florida, I decided to take a completely and totally lazy day for myself, yesterday. I had lunch with a friend then came home and veggied out watching Netflix. Is it too pitiful that I am hooked on a TV series that I knew about, when it originally aired, from 2010-2015, but never watched until now? I decided to give the TV series “Parenthood” a shot, and am hooked. Not sure why, really, as there are things that irritate the hell out of me about it, but………..there ya go! So, that was my day yesterday. Spending time with the cats and dog, and watching Parenthood on Netflix. 🙂

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