I awoke at 4am to find the hashtag #TrigglyPuff trending.

Students at the University of Massachusetts were protesting and heckling during a discussion and forum on the use of political correctness on campus.

However, it’s one person that has sparked the attention of social media, who have awarded her with the name of #TrigglyPuff, and, despite Twitter’s best efforts to censor the hashtag, it seems to be quickly gaining in popularity.

The girl is rude and obnoxious, screaming obscenities and appearing to have some sort of tantrum at one point. However, it’s the fact that she’s overweight that has been the focus of most. Cue the Jabba memes, gifs of her eating buckets of KFC… Even her personal social media profiles have been shared.

Her behaviour is innapropriate, yes. But does she deserve to be vilified internationally because of what she looks like?

She certainly needs to learn some manners, and her behaviour seems to suggest the she wants attention. Unfortunately, she got it…


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  1. If social media was populated by reasonable people who think for themselves rather than following the pack, the attitude of this girl, her meltdown, her language and even her opinion were a fair target. To immediately go for personal attacks on her size, shape, looks shows the immaturity and nastiness of a large number of people on sites like Facebook and twitter.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

    • TrigglyPuffs whole act at UMass is Fat is beautiful…sure she cares less about this crap. These kids are brainwashed by 35 years of liberal lies…Milo is actually saving them…have you watched him? These kids are totally lost….when in the real world…we will see much higher suicide rates…there are no safe places in the real world…parents…DO NOT LET YOUR KIDS GO TO THESE BEDS OF INSANTIY….THEY DO NOT DESERVE THE TITLE “UNIVERSITY”

  2. Just emphasises what I read once – “If you aren’t kind online, you’re not kind.” *sigh* 😦 Just this morning I saw a friend share a site full of photos of people looking particularly bizarre, and on one level I get it, but I *HATE* the dehumanising and arrogance which goes into the kind of attitude that laughs cruelly at others and seeks to humiliate.

  3. Many people never consider the power of words. This “victim” – it seems we are a culture of victimhood – is going about getting attention in all the wrong ways!

  4. Fortunately, I have not seen the news item about this situation, however, unfortunately, it’s not just social media that does this. If you are in the news, no matter for what reason, apparently, size (small or large), attractiveness, where you are from, etc. ALL have become fair game. I think it’s preposterous! Be angry at this girl for her behavior, but to mock anyone for their appearance is wrong.

  5. Dam, that is really low to make her looks the issue when it’s clearly her attitude that’s the problem. People recognising someone that’s pretty out of order and highlighting it and then going way over the out-of-order-line themselves. Sad irony.

  6. Ugh. I haven’t seen this but my heart hurts for the girl. She may very well be aggressive and awful, but I feel like it’s more likely that she’s just caught up and outspoken, and now she’ll have to deal with this bullying. It’s disgusting and really makes me sad for the world as a whole.

    • I think, judging from the video, she’s more aggressive than outspoken, but it’s bothered me at the personal attacks that have happened about her appearance. Thanks for your comment my lovely!

  7. If the whole thing started out about her behavior then t hose people triggering her size are just as rude and inappropriate!

  8. The thing that I find odd is why people feel the need to undermine their own position so badly – if there is a valid reason to be opposing someone, use that. If you resort to cheap shots at irrelevant things like their appearance, you actually lose all validity you could have had.

  9. I find it difficult to feel sympathy for her. By all accounts, Campus Reform tried to interview her and get her name for the interview. Apparently she refused because: “Campus Reform causes death and death threats due to its extreme language.”

    From there, she chose to obnoxiously protest and be the loudest voice in doing so when it was clear that the talk was being recorded on video. It seems she thought that she could be disruptive and not get away with it scott-free. She’s not the first and she wont be the last. SJWs on campus have a history of violent opposition to any social issues which don’t fit their narrative. Sometimes it’s tame and in the form of blocking entryways. Other times it’s violent clashes with police, like when SJWs at the University of Toronto protested a talk by Dr Warren Farrell on the epidemic of suicide in men and boys and the boys’ crisis in education.

    The fact is that these people have proven themselves to be violent, totalitarian bigots on multiple occasions who hide behind anonymity. This time it backfired. While the attacks have ranged from vulgar and crude to clever and more good humoured (there is a pokemon card listing “attacks” which mock all SJWs in general, while someone superimposed drums in front of her), I’m not sure it’s completely a bad thing in the grand scheme of things. The best thing that can happen to these SJWs, much like the nastiest of trolls on the internet, is if they can no longer hide in the shadows when they engage in these sorts of tactics. If it causes some of these SJWs pause before going on the rampage again, then a greater good has come out of it.

    As for her personally, certainly she’s copped some distasteful behaviour, however here’s the thing. Whenever someone is choosing to engage in high profile protests on videotape and make themselves a poster child for those protests, as she chose to in her actions, they are gambling with the possibility that while they might escape unscathed, they might also open themselves up to a massive amount of exposure in the worst way. In short, she rolled the dice and she lost.

    Yes I have no doubt that she’s heavily reeling from what has transpired, however at the same time, that’s what can all too easily happen when someone chooses to roll the dice in these situations, as she chose to.

    • Thanks so much for your comment Andrew, and on the face of it I agree with an awful lot of what you said, particularly in the fact that she made the choice to be highly obnoxious and rude in a public forum, and continued to do so knowing full well that she was being filmed at the time. For that, I make no defense of her at all, or anyone else that chooses to behave in that way. However, many of the comments, memes etc that were made were nothing to do with her behaviour, they focused on her physical appearance, and some of the things that people were creating with her images from her personal accounts were awful. Still, you are right in that it may make others think twice before doing something similar in the future!

  10. She is not being vilified because she is a fat pig. She is being vilified because she is a hysterical, hypocritical and totally UNHINGED maniac.

  11. She’s fat ugly and stupid

    A triple hitter.

    She makes such an easy target because she refuses to lose weight.
    She’s wider than the fucking barn doors.

  12. Well, as my high school science teacher used to say, “He who sticks out butt gets it kicked” and “He who sticks out butt farthest gets it kicked first.” She chose to throw a temper tantrum like a two-year-old, and let’s face it, her looks made her a really easy target. Also take into account that people are tired of the “fat-acceptance” nonsense, so that may be coming into play. You know, I could stand to lose 80 pounds myself…instead of accepting it, I’m working on dropping it.

    Wouldn’t have mattered if she was a shoo-in for Miss America. Somehow that’d get made fun of too.

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  14. She deserves all the push-back she receives.
    The Lazy Left has been shouting down any new ideas with random shouts of “Racist!” and “Rape apologist!” and so on, exactly like Trigglypuff was doing, but with absolutely no relevance to what is discussed. This adds NO value to society and we will pretty soon dump these attitudes like unwanted garbage. How about everyone, every belief, organize their meetings with speakers in PEACE and FREE-SPEECH? How’s that for an idea?

    Here’s another shrill, rude virago, from the Toronto area who has become a techno-dance sensation. If people make themselves public figures, the whole potential for free satire becomes manifest, and this with no restriction!

  15. there is a saying “live by the sword die by the sword”
    she brought it all upon herself and i have to say its well deserved too. her politics are fucking shit and make left wing politics not just a mockery but also contribute to turning people away from left wing politics. especially working class people.

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