If We Were Having Coffee #15


It’s been a busy few days. I seem to be saying that a lot recently, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that work has been abundant, to the point where I am able to decide on my own hours and as a result I’ve been able to turn some of it down. I’m still conducting freelance workshops, planning for a big concert with a primary school and doing supply three or four days a week, with the knowledge that at the moment I could do a full five-day week if I wanted. Most supply days are nice and calm, and I’m enjoying spending time with some of my favourite students. For example, today I was covering a Year 10 class, most of whom I have known since they started the school in Year 7. They walked in, smiled and greeted me, picked up their text books, sat down in silence and got on with the work that had been set. Every so often, they would ask me a question if they were confused, and other than an interesting conversation I had with one of them about football as they were packing away, and a ‘bye, enjoy your lunchtime!’ as they left, I didn’t hear a word from them. And I got paid for it. Awesome. However, I’ve been able to take the odd day for myself, during which I’ve done exciting things that I enjoy. Unfortunately, I’ve been full of a stinking cold over the last week, but now my head is a little less fuzzy I can get back to some quality ‘me time,’ and doing so while being able to breathe properly. Yay.

If we were having coffee, I would show you that it looks set to be even more busy over the next month, with a week in Scotland, various launch events for restaurants and bars, and a spa (ooh!), a food festival, beauty blogger event, and of course, the Annual Bloggers Bash in London which I have been looking forward to for months.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I have also been spending the last few days with Paddy, my friend’s bunny. I love animals, but this one hates me. He always has – if bunny looks could kill I would have been dead at least thirty times over by now. Yesterday, I decided that I would make a huge effort to try and win him round. He’s a house bunny, and litter trained, so he was in the front room with me. I tried to talk to him, bribe him with grapes and give him a cuddle. He wasn’t impressed, and did this for about two hours:


I think perhaps I was a little more into it than he was.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I’m also excited at the fact that it’s that time of year again. Yes, it’s Eurovision, and those of you who follow the blog on a regular basis will know just how much I love it. The Bloke and I look forward to it all year, we get the snacky treats in and spend the evening getting involved in the performances. Then, I’ll watch the results part by myself as he will inevitably have fallen asleep, and then we’ll stagger up to bed. It’s become a bit of a tradition. Last year, I also had a little Twitter party with Steve and Hugh, but this year Steve has gone one better and actually got tickets to the live event in Stockholm. I’m hugely jealous, and this year The Bloke and I will be playing the game of ‘Spot the Steve’ during the show.

What about you guys? How has your week been? What would you tell me if we were having coffee?

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32 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee #15

  1. Bunnies are always more tempermental than their cute appearance would have you think. At least, that’s been my experience with them.

  2. I believe he hates you, as he would me! Cats also know i am wary, and basically… hate me. If we having were having coffe… now there’s a problem right off, I don’t sleep if I have even one coffee, so I will just have tea. If we were having a beverage you would have to tell me off, or at least find a way to shut me up; so you can get a word in. I’d tell you about Alfie; I picked him up to-day, Alfie has been poorly and has been gone two weeks, I have missed him sorely… *gulp* now he is home. I pampered him and talked to him, took him for a drive, people were pleased to see him and one gave me a high five. So if we had our beverage together we would be looking at photo’s of Alfie and me. Have a great weekend.

    • Thanks Ellen! Please forgive the late reply, I’m still trying to catch up! Glad Alfie is feeling better! I managed to win Paddy round – he attempted to make sweet love to my arm after a few days so it’s all good haha!

      • yuk! fornicating bunnies! Oh I forgot to say, Alfie is my smart roadster, a blue and silver miniature convertible sports car. He had a broken pipe in the air conditioning system, a broken engine mount and the wipers refused to stop. He is fully recovered from his repairs. *chortle*

  3. I am having a coffee right now, just not with you. So, I’ll pretend the red cushion on the chair next to me is you. We’re outside by the way, sitting on the deck of our little rental property in Paddington (I’ll write a post about it soon!) Temping job is a trifle boring but I should be grateful I actually have work I suppose. I too might play spot the Steve at Eurovision although it will be in the early hours here. Australia are through to the final round – a pocket rocket from Logan, QLD – Dami; and of course Aussie are nuts for Eurovision and why are they even in it – did I miss something? Last time I checked Australia was in Australasia.
    Try Paddy with sultanas – he should be your best friend – worked with George anyway. You have to remember that to Paddy, you are the enemy as he is a pray animal, his instinct is to think he’s about to be attacked any moment – he’ll probably hate you for ever actually. Coffee is finished and I’m off to explore Paddington – toods!

    • What a lovely image! I won Paddy round today by feeding him kale and giving him a cuddle. Unfortunately, I think it worked too well because he tried to make sweet love to my arm… Nice.

  4. I’m so upset that the States have not been invited to Eurovision. I want it to be world vision. Hmmm… maybe I’ll plan a trip to next years London Bloggers Bash.

  5. I’m unbelievably impressed by the behavior of the students in your class. My classes were seldom like that when I was a child at that age, unfortunately. I tended to be shy and well-behaved, but was very much in the minority. Anyway, whatever your technique is with the children, you should definitely try the same thing with the rabbit. πŸ™‚

  6. I’d have tea, we’d sit n chat as is meant to be,
    We’d discuss saving the world, refugees and rabbits.
    We would laugh and cry and then we’d try to find a way to play,
    A wine, a red then we’d be fed with banging old school tunes.

    Dancing in living rooms with rugs rolled back and lots of space,
    I think you should pop across to our place.
    John he cooks while I do… books we laugh and sometimes cry,
    When remembering that lovely thing or just gazing at the sky.

    If we lived close I’d make you coffee and be proud to call you friend. πŸ˜‡

  7. If we were having coffee I would tell you first of all what an Awesome thing you do for the blogging community. Having blogged for several years now I am finally beginning to see what the blogosphere is all about. I would tell you that I have had a crazy mixed up week. I have obviously worked in my clinic, had 3 people tell me that what I have done for them is miraculous. I have tried and succeeded in writing a post a day using the daily prompt, I have eaten ice-cream, whilst my videographer friend filmed it, I have appeared on BBC Wilts Radio, being interviewed by Jonathan Morrell on the topic of transitioning from NHS Nurse to Chiropractor. I went to a funeral, and stayed in a hotel in Glasgow overlooking the river Clyde. I was meant to be a birthday present for my daughter and her friend, but said friend injured her leg and couldn’t travel from Bristol to Glasgow, so I stayed in the hotel with my daughter, I didn’t see Busted. I drove out to find a country retreat where I am going on Thurs do to aromatherapy with people who want to take control of their healing journey, after a cancer diagnosis. Now I am going to have an early night, as this week has made me dizzy. Whew! How was your week? Blessings Joy

    • Wow, Joy, what an incredible thing to do for others! And what a conversation to have – we’d need more than one coffee, that’s for sure! Congrats on the radio interview too!

  8. Yep it would be a lunch for sure, or even a weekend! lol I am sure you have as much to tell me Suzie. Am just getting my aromatherapy bag ready to leave. I am sure there will be a post or 2 for the blog. Blessings Joy

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