Eurovision 2016 Predictions and Points

Yes, it’s that time of year again, and The Bloke and I have got the snacky treats ready. It’s the Eurovision final, and I’m teaming up with Hugh (Hugh’s Views and News) and Helen (Journey to Ambeth) for a Twitter-fest during the show. Normally, we would be joined by Steve (Steve Says), but he’s decided that our company isn’t good enough this year and has gone to the live show in Stockholm (of course, I’m not jealous in the slightest).

Last year, the UK entry was so awful I was under no illusions that we would do badly. However, this year, Joe and Jake’s song has grown on me and I’m genuinely hoping that they do well. It’s a catchy song, the lads have worked hard and seem like lovely people, and deserve some success from it. I can’t vote for them, but I’m wishing them lots of luck! There are a number of surprisingly good songs being performed in the final, so it’s a close race.

So, ladies and gents, here are my points for tonight.

One point goes to… Belgium (Laura Tesoro – What’s The Pressure). Sounds remarkably similar to Fleur East’s Play That Sax.

Two points go to… Poland (Michal Szpak – Colour Of Your Life). He’s clearly been adopting his inner Conchita.

Three points go to… Sweden (Frans – If I Were Sorry)

Four points go to… France (Amir – J’ai Cherche)

Five points go to… Russia (Sergey Lazarev – You Are The Only One). I like this song, but they have blatantly ripped off the staging from Sweden’s entry last year. This one will do much better than I’m suggesting, but I’m going to find it interesting how it will be hosted in Russia next year if it wins.

Six points go to… Lithuania (Donny Montell – I’ve Been Waiting For This Night)

Seven points go to… Italy (Francesca Michielin – No Degree of Separation)

Eight points go to… Ukraine (Jamala – 1944). I hate this song, but this is the sort of stuff that always does well.

Ten points go to… Australia (Dami Im – Sound of Silence). The best voice in the whole competition.

Twelve points go to… Israel (Hovi Star – Made Of Stars). I don’t think it will win, but I like this one very much.

Go and check out Steve’s and Hugh’s points and predictions too! Happy Eurovision!


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