8 Affirmations That Will Make You a Happier Blogger #BloggingGals #Bloggers

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Blogging can be hard, frustrating and at times something which makes you think ‘why do I bother?’

A positive mindset is vital. It is something which will get you through the Negative Nancy days; when your blog stats flatline, your ideas for posts run dry and you see nothing but typos in things that have already been published. Sigh!

Repeating affirmations to yourself is a great way of staying positive. They will also make you a happier blogger. Huzzah!

  1. I love what I have created.Love your blog.
  2. My blogging glass is refillable.This means that you have control over your blog and that even when times are tough and the glass seems empty you can do things to it to make it seem full again like updating old posts, changing its theme, writing better posts and expanding your blogging network.
  3. My ability to blog will not be defined…

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