Guest Post: Edwina’s Episodes!


What a thrill it is for me to be here at the lovely Suzie’s blog. I am beyond delighted that I was one of the lucky winners of her birthday competition, and that I get to write a guest post!

I was trying to think of something that would illustrate my blog but also fit in with Suzie’s, and then I had an idea, why not write a poem about Suzie herself? As some of you many know, I am fond of writing a poem or ten! I thought about a limerick, something like…

There was a young lady named Suzie

Who spent the day in a Jacuzzi

Whilst there at the spa

She took off her bra

Now everyone thinks she’s a floozy!


Hmmm, that is fun but a bit short so I have come up with this instead…


If you’re new to blogging

And you are looking for advice

Then why not head to Suzie’s

You’ll see she’s very nice!

Her posts are clear and helpful

She has so many tips

To help your understanding

Of those annoying blogging blips!

She lives with the Bloke in Brummie land

And sometimes teaches at school

She loves to spend some ‘me time’

Floating in a pool!

She created her own hashtag

To show how much she cares

Bringing people together

With her #SundayBlogShare!

So a word to all you bloggers

If it’s fun and variety you seek

Then I know the perfect website

It is called Suzie Speaks!


As well as my blogging website Edwina’s Episodes, you can find me at my brand new website Judy E Martin where I will be featuring many of my poems and haiku.

My Book Rhymes of the Times is available at all Amazon stores


Thanks so much Judy for your awesome poem! Much appreciated – Suzie xx

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