Suzie and Steve’s Day of Fun!

Ok, it wasn’t an entire day of fun, more like a few hours in the afternoon when he had finished work, but The Bloke and I finally met my bloggy friend Steve (from Steve Says) in Aberdeen today.

We locked eyes across the seating area outside the cinema and embraced like old friends. There was music in the airΒ  (the local Chiquito’s must have sensed how momentous the occasion was as it was blasting out some 1960’s Motown), the seagulls were squawking the songs of their people, and the wind had dropped from the force ten gales we had experienced the day before to a nice breeze. It was beautiful, it was emotional.

Actually, I had been quietly bricking myself all morning. I’ve known Steve for several years – there isn’t usually a week that goes by that I don’t speak to him on Twitter or via the blog comments, and I listen to his radio show every Saturday (that is, when he’s not abandoning his listeners to go and watch the Eurovision final – how selfish of him). He’s unwittingly supported me through some tough times, we have a scary amount of stuff in common and I value his friendship. The thing is, I’ve met online friends in person before, and even though it has always been a hugely positive experience, I always arrive with a paranoia that they are going to be left with the disappointment that I don’t meet their expectations.

I needn’t have worried. Steve was immediately easy to talk to, and after initial introductions he led The Bloke and I to a funfair, complete with a roller coaster and a rather ominous-looking wheel thing. It was closed, so we went for a long walk down the beach, stopping off to go on the swings (my reasoning was that if the rides at the funfair weren’t open, we should make our own fun), and then stopping again to wash the tonne of rust that they left on our hands. Totally worth it.

Eventually (or should that be, inevitably), after walking round the old and rather eccentrically (in a really sweet way) decorated cottages at the end of the beach, we ended up in a bar with a glass of wine (him), a cider (me), a lemonade (The Bloke) and easy conversation. We were joined by his lovely partner, Greg, and I was genuinely gutted how quickly the time passed. Unfortunately, The Bloke and I are travelling home at ridiculous o’clock tomorrow, so we had to leave earlier than I would have liked in order to get back to the cottage and pack.

What an awesome day, and a great end to a truly amazing week…

However, I’ll be seeing him in a few weeks in London at the Bloggers Bash, so we’ll hopefully have a bit more time to get some drinks in and talk nonsense at each other, and with everyone else attending too!!!

Thanks Steve!!

45 thoughts on “Suzie and Steve’s Day of Fun!

  1. It’s a great deal of fun to meet other bloggers. I haven’t been disappointed yet, and the experience has enriched my life. Glad to see it has enriched yours, too. πŸ™‚

  2. Was awesome, maybe next time the funfair will be open haha – at least the pub was open :). Safe travels home and hope you have enjoyed my country this week πŸ™‚

  3. Yay! Sounds like so much fun, and I’m glad the meeting went well πŸ™‚ Looking forward to meeting him and seeing you in London in a couple weeks time (how has a year flown by?) xx

  4. Whenever I hear “funfair” I think of the first episode of Father Ted LOL. Awesome that y’all finally got to meet! πŸ™‚

    • Haha! It certainly was! No, he was supposed to be coming to the Bash last year but he flaked out and went on holiday instead. I mean, how selfish can someone be, having a holiday? πŸ˜‰

  5. Sounds like you had a wonderful time together. I know what you mean about being excited, yet apprehensive about meeting fellow bloggers. That is exactly how I am feeling about the Blogger’s Bash! Still, it will be wonderful to meet everyone at last πŸ™‚

  6. In the old days – oh at least 15/16 years ago – when things on line were very different, I was a member of a number of chatrooms. I did meet several people IRL and that was a great disappointment. Truth to tell I believe I was the disappointment and not at all what they expected. Since then I have mainly avoided meeting anyone, other than those I know personally and whom I talk to most days, This is a country town and we all know each other, so we tend to meet each other in the normal course of the day. That’s safe . However, I am so glad that you and the Bloke met up with Steve and it was as great a success as you could wish for.

    • Ah, I remember the chatrooms of the 90’s – I couldn’t even get past how to strike up a conversation with people haha! Sorry you were disappointed Edgar, how did they not meet your expectations?

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