I Think My Liver May Be Upset With Me…

It’s been an absolutely killer half-term (in the positive sense of the word, of course), filled with friends, fun and an epic amount of food and cocktails.

The excitement of last week led to a number of celebrations with some of my friends over several days. We took the opportunity to catch up the on the recent events of each other’s lives, talked about life, love, eyebrows and weddings (one of my friends got engaged a few months before me, so is currently in full wedding-planning mode), ate some yummy lunches and washed them down with a large amount of raspberry mojitos (well I did at least – they were a bit more adventurous in their choices). I did attempt to take some pictures:

However, the wind seemed to be against me at one point:

Me: Let’s take a picture!
Friend: Ok then!
Wind: Screw you, Suzie


Gorgeous. At least my friend looks nice!

And, bless them, I barely paid for a thing throughout – between them they’ve picked me up in the car, took me for food, ordered me cocktails, paid for everything and then drove me back home afterwards. It’s cliche and I’m repeating myself, but I’m very blessed, and grateful for it.

On Thursday night I also attended two blogging events – a cocktail making masterclass at the exclusive Colmore Club, a private members-only club in the city, followed by the launch of The Smokehaus restaurant in Brindley Place with The Bloke (there will be reviews to come later this weekend).

Consequently, by Friday I was exhausted and my liver must have been desperately waving a white flag at me, pleading with me to stop the torture, so I gave myself a break and ended up sleeping for most of the afternoon under a fluffy blanket, while the two cats curled up with each other at the bottom of my feet. I awoke in a panic – The Bloke hadn’t got home from work, I had no idea what had happened or what time it was at first, so I rang him.

Me: Hi love!
Him: Are you ok?
Me: Yeah, I just fell asleep
Him: You rang me to tell me you’ve been asleep?
Me: No, I fell asleep and was a bit panicky so I was checking you were ok…
Him: I’m just about to set off. Is there anything you need me to pick up on the way back?
Me: (only half-joking) Well, it’s National Fish and Chip day…
Him: I’ll call in at the chippy on the way home then.

Awesome. This is why I’m marrying him.

I’ll be spending a large amount of today catching up on here, interspersed with attempting to sort out the carnage that is my house (and taking down the penis balloons) after a week of doing nothing. We’re going to the Foodies Festival in Birmingham tomorrow, and I’m back at work on Monday, so I had better get myself organised!

What about you guys? What have you been up to?

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34 thoughts on “I Think My Liver May Be Upset With Me…

  1. What’s one more drink??? Hahaha

    I’m just spending the day studying….fun!! I may take a break in a bit to write but other than that….got to hit the books!

  2. Have they gone flat yet? The penis balloons? Bloke sounds like a keeper, the mention of National fish and chip day would have illicited a “so what” comment from MB. Blessings have a detox Sunday, ready for the working week lol Blessings Joy

    • The penis balloons, I’m happy to report, are still in perfect condition haha! We haven’t had the heart to take them down yet, but The Bloke keeps getting hit in the head with them when he walks past! They’re coming down today i think…

  3. It’s been a hectic week, and today isn’t going to be any slower, I seriously need to catch up on my blogging! Tonight… I’ll do it tonight!

    • Haha! well, the weather is absolutely glorious and we’ve just got back from the Foodie Festival, so we’re in the middle of tidying up the house and doing some washing. Well, The Bloke is – I’m sitting here and replying to you haha! Have a lovely day!

  4. Sounds like a fab week, though I can understand your liver feeling a bit stressed! 😀 Much better than my week – home sick over half term. Still feeling much better now and a busy week coming up. Hope you have a good one too x

  5. Ok. I am confused – but of course this is not unusual. For a number of reasons, illness among others, I have not kept up with things as much as I should therefore I was under the impression that you were “retiring” – for want of a better word – from teaching. What happened – and have I been in a time bubble?

    • Hi edgar! I wasn’t retiring – I’m only 34 – but I did, and still have left full-time classroom teaching. I now do a lot of freelance music work and supply, so I’m often in a classroom, but in a cover role rather than that of a teacher. Far few hours, no stress… How are you?

      • Yes I realised that and “retiring”was simply a word I used to mean leaving teaching for some other line of occupation. We do not use the term “Supply”in South Australia. Teachers who do what you do are called TRT – Temporary Relief Teachers .

  6. Half term was uneventful – mainly as the weather was so awful (apart from the last weekend)on the east coast of the UK – but the highlight for me was seeing Axl Rose & AC/DC perform at the Olympic Park Stadium. Awesome concert, great venue and it was so good to return to the place I was born & brought up until I left the nest at the age of 21 ( 30 years ago!😳) The area has certainly changed 😊

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