Rest in Peace, Ali


2016 continues in it’s cruelty. Rest in Peace, Ali

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  1. My dad was very upset when he changed his name from Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr. to Ali. My dad loved boxing and “Cassius Clay” was his favorite. He lived a long life, 30 years of it with trauma-induced parkinsons. That was probably his greatest fight of all.

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  3. Ali was brash and unbeatable when young, ill and frail when old. He showed the world how to live with dignity no matter the circumstances. One of a kind, he will be missed but never forgotten.

  4. He was my favorite athlete… I grew up watching him and Howard Cowell on ABC Wide World of Sports and I used to mimic Ali all the I was told I do a good Ali. There was no one like him and there won’t be anyone like him again.

    • I only became aware of him when he appeared at the Atlanta Olympics, and then I watched all his fights on YouTube a few years ago. Someone who stood up for himself and what he believed in…

      • Thank you Suzie, they have both had a huge influence on my life – I wouldn’t be where I am without them!

      • I’ve always enjoyed watching boxing matches but never followed the sport regularly. I took far more from the Rocky films… I watched Creed the other day and have to admit I shed a little tear…

      • “If you know what you’re worth then go out and get what you’re worth..” (I’ll stop there or I could spend all day quoting from Rocky!).

  5. My older sister, who was obsessed with (at the time) Cassius Clay just about flipped her lid when he defeated Sonny Liston on Feb. 25, 1964–her 15th birthday!! I was only 7, but I remember all the girls running down to the living room from her bedroom screaming! In a very strange and sad twist of fate, my sister passed away from early onset PD in October 2016, after a 25+ year struggle with that horribly cruel diseases. AND her neurologist left his practice in Florida to go work at Muhammad Ali’s clinic in Arizona. May they both rest in peace, pain-free now.

    • I’ve watched all of his fights, but I was never really aware of just how influential he was until the Olympics in the ’90’s. I’m so sorry for your loss too…

    • Wow, that’s incredibly ironic. Thank you for sharing.:)

      Suzie, you make a great point, because I had not realized just how influential he was, either, until after his passing, sadly.. As devastating as all this is, I am relieved that he’s no longer suffering, and that your sister’s at peace now, Isgaitan.

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