I Feel Like a Zombie


It’s quite pathetic how much I love snapchat at the minute…

It’s 6.30am and The Bloke and I had been up for two hours. To save on travel costs, we booked train tickets from Birmingham to London about six weeks ago, and managed to find a bargain – £8.50 per ticket. I’m glad we did – the current prices if we were to buy them this morning for the same journey would cost us £108.50… each. There’s something not right about that.

Unfortunately, the tickets are for the 5.30am (yes, that’s AM), so we got up at 4.30am and now are both sitting in our seats looking like we’ve just experienced some sort of zombie apocalypse. Even with make-up on, I look absolutely knackered, and we haven’t even arrived yet. Thankfully, most people around me look the same – this time in a morning isn’t flattering for anyone!

Normally, we would wake ourselves up with breakfast, but I’ve got a ‘Suzie and The Bloke’s Day of Fun’ planned, (most of which he knows nothing about) and we’re starting by going to the Cereal Killer Cafe. I’m quite excited about it all – we’ve done most of the major sites and monuments so I spent several hours on Pinterest yesterday finding inexpensive unusual and alternative places to visit.

It’s already been an eventful journey – amidst the usual party goers, beer-drinking stags and walk-of-shamers that are always found in the station at this time in a morning, we’ve seen a guy get thrown off for attempting to travel without a ticket, and a random shirtless man rummaging in the bins for discarded tickets so he can try and blag his way on too.

Let’s just hope that the rest of the journey is a bit quieter so I can get some sleep!

24 thoughts on “I Feel Like a Zombie

    • I know! I just checked it out of curiosity this morning and couldn’t believe that someone could have potentially been on the same train as me and paid £100 more for the privilege!

  1. Ha! I love your zombie look, Suzie.:)

    I am sorry that The Bloke and yourself had to wake up before dawn, but the ticket price more than makes up for it, I’d say. Enjoy the day of fun, and I’ll be here to hear all about it later.

  2. What a weekend to pick too #Queenat90 Hope London is not too heaving with revellers. And if you need a tip on getting through an early start (I regularly get up at 5.30 am on Fridays for BNI) then I have good one. Enjoy the blogbash on Saturday Suzie, Blessings Joy

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