The Bloggers Bash 2016

The Bloggers Bash. I’d been organised for months. The Bloke and I decided to turn the event into a long weekend away, so we arrived the day before and had a ‘Bloke and Suzie’s Day of Exploring London.’ Consequently, on Saturday morning I was knackered, but a combination of nerves and excitement meant that I had been awake for hours. The Bloke went off with his camera for the day and despite the fact I had already worked out my make-up and hair look, by the time Steve (Steve Says) arrived at the hotel to meet me for brunch I still wasn’t ready. And, I realised, I was wearing the exact same outfit as the year before.

Me and Steve, after i had managed to sort out my hair and make-up...

Me and Steve, after i had managed to sort out my hair and make-up…

Dammit. It’s a good job that my readers don’t rely on me for fashion advice…

My hotel was only a short walk away from the venue, so we arrived a little early and promptly stood outside as it appeared to be locked. Eventually, I rang Sacha, who told us to come on up, and it was only then that we realised that neither of us has actually bothered to try the door.

We were greeted by an already large group of people, full of hugs (I got the Huge Hugh Hug – try saying that after a couple of pints – that I had been promised), offers of cake (baked by the lovely Geoffle, who was sporting a rather fetching bright purple beard), and Ali (who had flown in from Ireland) registered us, gave us our name badges and pointed us in the direction of the bar. Perfect.

And what an awesome afternoon it was. I got the chance to catch up with people I met last year and I was introduced to many new ones in person that I have been talking to in the blogosphere for a while. With so many people involved, an explanation about every part of it would turn into an epic 5,000 word post, so here are just some of my highlights:

Sacha tottering round in her brand new Christian Louboutin shoes (although she may lose some points here for not letting me wear them… Booooo)


A really interesting and amusing talk from Luca, an Automatic employee, who gave me a few things to think about when sharing my blog posts and those of others in the future.


Making people take pictures with me. When I say ‘making,’ it was just that – I generally walked around with my phone and shoved it in their faces before they could object. I particularly like the gorgeous duck face that Helen produced.

Being naughty and sneaking upstairs into a room with Steve so he could have his picture taken in a waltzer chair thingy. He’s a bad influence, that one…


Chatting with Barb Taub and realising that she was American – I hadn’t a clue, despite the fact that I have read a ton of her posts.

Luca attempting to take some professional photos of Sacha, Lucy and I afterwards – let’s just say that Charlie’s Angels aren’t going to be worried about the competition anytime soon…

Being inspired by Juile’s epic weight loss, and grateful that she had brought a handheld fan with her! (It was so hot that I thought my face was going to melt).

Making more people take pictures with me:

The look of sheer delight on Shelley’s face at winning the Most Inspirational Blogger award (incidentally, after only getting the chance to talk to her for just a little while, I have come to the conclusion that she is perhaps the most smiley person I have ever met – I’m considering asking her if I can become her manager so I can introduce her to some of the more miserable people I know… Five minutes with Shelley and the world seems a happier place!)

Lucy’s rather admirable attempts to remain calm and poised upon winning the Funniest Blogger award, when really I know that all she wanted to do was this:


Talking to Cynthia and then scaring her later at a crossing after the event – we left at similar times and when I caught up with her and said hello I was stood right behind, so I scared the crap out of her. I found it funny, although it was probably not as amusing for her as it was for me…


And finally, winning the Best Overall Blog! My category was left until last, and Sacha’s attempts to build some sort of tension worked – by the time it got to the announcements I was an absolute wreck and my heart was beating out of my chest. I then had to go up to the roof garden and with my hands still shaking I rang The Bloke and my mum, and then spent a little time trying not to vomit everywhere.

Congrats to all the nominees, the runners-up and the winners, and a truly huge thank you to everyone who voted for me, and to the Bloggers Bash committee for the monumental time and effort they put into the organisation of the event. You can check out all of the winners here…

Looking forward to the third Annual Bloggers Bash in 2017!

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130 thoughts on “The Bloggers Bash 2016

  1. It truly was a great event! I totally forgot to take pictures!
    Lovely to meet you, and congrats on winning!!!!!!

  2. Fabulous post, Suzie, and thank you so much for those lovely comments. It was such a brilliant day and great fun to meet everyone – even though I still didn’t get round everyone. I’ve decided that I could audition for the big cat in Alice in Wonderland, you know, the one with the daft grin!! πŸ˜‰

  3. It was lovely to meet you, Suzie, and congratulations on winning Best Overall Blog! What a fun afternoon πŸ™‚

  4. Haha love it and Congratulations on the WIN Suzie, although reading this I think maybe your blog should be SuzieScares, rather than SuzieSpeaks. So hope I can make it next year, although it falls right in the middle of my holiday. Could be that I fly in from Portugal for it! Enjoy your Win! Blessings Joy PS I am glad that I am not the only one who can’t get in places cos I am pulling when I should be pushing!

  5. HAHA! BUSTED! I was scared and equally knackered. My “bloke” and I arrived the night before, ate more Indian food than is healthy for anyone to eat in one sitting. Then that morning, we walked a ridiculous length of the Regent’s canal, before realizing it may be miles or scores of miles, before it ends. (We had no idea where we were.) We spent a good part of the afternoon looking for cigars (for him), and got lost. All that to say, I bit off more London than I could chew even before making it to the Bash. I had lost my game face hours before. ❀

    I am so glad to see that all my nominees enjoyed some honorable mention that day. My introversion got the better of me for a good part of the Bash, so I didn't get to properly say hello to everyone, but I do feel like I got to know you all better. Congrats, Suzie! You are in the shine of a lucky star! Well deserved again! (And congrats on your engagement!)

  6. aw wasn’t it just the bee’s knees, the cat’s whiskers, the dog’s errr elbows! Lovely to see you again, fab and well deserved winning and probs best photo of me and said beard I’ve seen so far. Here’s to the next meet up.

  7. It was a wonderful day, and this is a super account of how it played out. It was lovely to meet you again too, Suzie, and manage a few more words this time than the last! I’m blushing at the thought that you’re finding my weight-loss adventure so inspiring – it’s that kind of response which totally justifies my making myself accountable on-line, and really, really helps me too. It’s too easy to get tempted ‘off the rails’ but when you know people are looking at what you’re doing, spurring you on, and wanting to see you succeed, that helps so much, in keeping things on-track. I’m going to be rooting for you too, in your pursuit of that wedding-dress-figure! Happy to share any not-so-secrets about what I’m doing if that’s ever any help to you.

    It seems I owe you a debt of gratitude too – that selfie you took of the pair of us is just about the best photo anyone has taken of me in a very, very long time! How did you manage it?!

  8. Reblogged this on Julie Lawford and commented:
    Suzie won the Best Overall Blog Award at our (now) Annual Bloggers Bash over the weekend. This is top account of the day. By some kind of a fluke, Suzie also managed just about the nicest photo of yours-truly alongside her goodself, that anyone has taken in years and years, and years… for which I owe a debt of gratitude of quite absurd proportions.

  9. Lol! Charlie’s Angels photo – I agree with you on that one. My reaction to the awards results play out very differently in my head. Think I need to see the video. In my head I let out a silent roar and went quietly to the front…

  10. What a brilliant afternoon it was. There just wasn’t enough time to meet everyone, never mind chat with them all. Another week would have been almost sufficient.
    The people who I did manage to meet we so very interesting. You are all wonderful!
    The room was bursting with personalities and life stories. It was amazing.
    Vibrant would be an appropriate word. Buzzing would be another.
    Roll on next year. I can’t wait!

    • Vibrant – yes, I like that! You’re right about the time we needed to actually meet everyone – perhaps we can convince Sacha and the committee to make it a two-day thing next year?

  11. So glad I was the first to get a Suzie hug. Or did Steve get one first?
    Lovely to see you again and I’m so glad we had a chance to chat and put the world to right. You so deserved that win. I hope the mug comes in handy. Don’t tell anyone, but I got one each for the committee members as well πŸ˜ƒ
    Big hugs from me…always.

    • The mug is awesome – I’m very much looking forward to showing it off haha! Sorry, Steve got in there first but he doesn’t enjoy them as much as you!

  12. Congratulations. πŸŽ‰ Glad you had a great time! Sorry you didn’t try the heels but maybe you’re better off. (Twisted ankle?) Hope you got a photo in that wicked cool chair, too!

  13. Yay! It was so much fun, wasn’t it? The afternoon just flew by πŸ˜€ And I loved all your photos, the ‘duck face’ one does make me laugh. Looking forward to seeing you again, and hopefully before the next bash this time! x

  14. How wonderful that you got to meet up with so many of your bloggy friends (names that are familiar to me too…though only in the virtual sense) am I allowed to be a little envious… is Steve as lovely/funny/personable as he sounds online… actually, don’t answer that… I know the answer πŸ™‚

    Congratulations on your win, Suzie… much deserved X

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  17. What a wonderful write up Suzie, I love this! And your pics are a fantastic capture of a fantastic day. Love the one of you and Helen and Steve too…brilliant! I’m so glad you ‘made’ me have a photo with you! And I know what you mean about Shelley’s Smile…delightful πŸ™‚ And once again, many congratulations to you for your amazing win…wow, no wonder your heat was beating so much! You deserve it. Can’t wait to see you next year! xx

  18. Congratulations on the fab win! Family stuff kept me away only returning at ten thirty last night. But you won’t be able to keep me away next year. Great pics and smashing post.

  19. Wow – sounds like a fab event and how Fantastic for you to win the Best Overall blog award – A very BIG congratulations!! x

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