Single Parenthood for Beginners

It’s Father’s Day, and I loved this post about being a single parent from a father’s perspective…

Love, Laughter & Truth


There is no sweeter sound in the world than the word Daddy from the mouths of your children.  Of course there are also times when its sound is rather less than sweet – ‘Daddy, that’s not fair!’, ‘Daddy, I’m finished can you come and wipe, I think it’s a messy one…’ – but for my purposes here let’s stick with the sweetness.

And from sweetness to the bitterest pill that you are forced to swallow when your marriage collapses – you will no longer be spending every day with your children.  You will wake up and they won’t be there.  You will arrive home from work without them to greet you.  You will go to bed at night without being able to check in on them and kiss their foreheads.

These realisations are sudden and devastating.  They are accompanied by fear over how their lives will be affected and…

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16 thoughts on “Single Parenthood for Beginners

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  2. Fathers seem to be on the short end of the stick when it comes to custody and that sort of thing. There are situations when its best for the father to have full time care of their children. It’s interesting how it happens like that.

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