If We Were Having Coffee #16

Coffee and conversation

If we were having coffee, I would tell you how upset I am about the ‘Brexit’ nonsense of the last two days, when the UK (or should I say, England) voted to leave the EU. I watched the results being announced from about 3am, and was genuinely gobsmacked – I’ve always been firmly on the Remain side and honestly thought that the Remain camp would triumph. It was carnage.  By midday, the £ had tanked and there was already talk of another Scottish referendum during which it is almost inevitable that Scotland will leave the UK (seeing as the entire country voted as a Remain majority). Our PM had announced his resignation with the only replacements being offered are the guy who has destroyed the education system and another who’s a bumbling idiot. The Leave camp immediately went back on what they promised about additional NHS funding. And to top it all off, Trump arrived. Great.

Of course, we’re a democracy, the referendum was poorly managed with misinformation being given on both sides, and therefore I have to respect the fact that we have to go with the majority. I just hope that whoever ends up in charge will have our best interests in their decision-making. For the moment, we’re a nation divided, the right-wing and nationalist parties across many countries in Europe are using us as a reason to call for their own referendums, and the arguments and stereotypes are still being thrown around. It’s going to take a while for everything to calm down.

Politics aside, if we were having coffee, I would tell you what an unbelievably fantastic month I’ve had. With the Foodies Festival, drinks with friends, wedding planning, a publishing workshop at Waterstones, a cocktail making masterclass at The Colmore Club, followed by the launch night at the new Smokehaus restaurant, a clean bill of health from the breast clinic, a brilliant weekend exploring London with The Bloke and, of course, The Bloggers Bash, I can look back on the last few weeks as some of the best times of my life. Work has also been fun – I’m preparing and rehearsing for several different concerts across two different schools, and the students in my cover lessons have been relaxed and fun to be around.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I only have four working weeks left of this academic year, my first in a supply and freelance role, and it’s been superb. Even better, I’ve already been booked in for a large amount of work in September, so I won’t have the financial anxiety of last year after not working for the summer. I have plans and positive experiences to come, which I’ll reveal later (no, I’m not pregnant before any of you ask!) and I’m looking forward to what this next year has to offer!

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that things are exciting in the blogging world too! I have a podcast lined up with a published author (they’re interviewing me!), and my massive summer giveaway is still open until next Saturday!

What about you guys? What would you tell me if we were having coffee?

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47 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee #16

  1. I’m as shocked as you about the referendum result. I’m writing a long and very ranty blog post about it, but it will probably take until Monday to remove all the swears! Very disappointed in my country right now… 😦

  2. I think we’re all pretty shocked… And I’m not sure what to think as I walk around my area Gravesham, where the community voted with a whopping 65.something percent wanting to LEAVE!!
    I wasn’t one of those…
    Still I guess we’ll have to just wait and see…
    I’m with you on the 4 weeks left Suzie!!! The countdown is on!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I live in Spain and the thousands of ex-pats living here are worried about their future. The Europeans feel snubbed, worried, upset, and surprised at the 1.26 million difference in favour of Brexit.
    We’re all going to lose… I don’t think it’s the end of the world or even of Europe, but it’s definitely a turning point in our history. Where to in Europe?
    But the UK may have to change the U in UK and that’s going to be tough for everyone living there.
    After the spectacular expansion of the British Empire in Victorian times, it all went downhill, leading up to the loss of the remaining colonies after WWII, and now there’s a risk of dismembering the UK itself… sad…. but whatever happens we’ll all adjust. Life goes on, while one Etonian takes over another Etonian’s job…

  4. As someone from the US, I was surprised by the leave vote. I agree that it is a mistake. I’m sorry Trump came, it’s bad enough that we have to live with him (and the threat of him actually winning), but to share him, well, I’m sorry. I’d normally put a smiley after that, but nothing about Trump makes me smile.

  5. You and me both, Suzie – I’ve had to be quite restrained with my posting and commenting. My area voted leave as well – so disappointing. Had a great dinner last night with three like minded women, though, and we put the world to rights 😀
    Otherwise though, what a great month you’ve had indeed! Looking forward to the podcast x

  6. I don’t know all the ins and outs of why this occurred, but maybe it won’t be as bad as everyone thinks. 🙂 I’ve got my fingers crossed for you guys.

  7. Hi Suzie, it is great to see you here. I have seeing the information about England leaving the European union. Sorry aboutvTrump. You can keep him. He makes me uneasy.

  8. It really makes me feel better when I read posts and comments by people who are feeling as shocked and disappointed as me so thank you 🙂 Our plan was to move to France within the next ten years so goodness knows if that will happen now. I also know people who are at risk of losing their jobs and these are scary times for them. Have half-compiled about a hundred ‘ranty’ posts in my head but it won’t make a difference. Glad the rest of your month was good though!

    • Thank you! I had to resist the urge to have a full-on rant on Facebook yesterday because I was so angry, but I decided to wait until I had calmed down a bit first!

  9. Ah well what a couple of days. First lets say well done on such a fun month.Hope it resonates through the summer. As for the vote I woke up early, said ‘Bloody hell’ as soon as the radio came on and stayed bemused and depressed all day. I went for dinner with a group of close friends who were equally bemused, somewhat ranty and shocked and as I listened to all the anger I decided I can’t, won’t go on with the negatives. This was the biggest single most democratic vote we’ve ever had and the result was one i abhor but there we are, we have to get on with it. Friday felt like the day i heard my dad had cancer. Shock, nausea, disbelief. Today I’ve tried to work out what to do about it, how to try and make the best of it. Not sure I got very far but putting on a brave face was a start. My kids are beyond angry esp as they live in a borough with 75% stay (Lambeth) but for them I need to stay positive and help them get there too. I wanted to stereotype the votes to leave as xenophobic, racist etc but actually the more I listen to them it’s about a desperate wish for some control, some voice. Stopping the government, Europe, immigrants, the city, bankers, those who have done well post 2008 is about saying listen to me. Of all of us those regions feel disenfranchised I think and this really re-enfranchised them. I don’t believe they will have many more of a voice now, nor do I think they or the UK will have any more control over its destiny than before, but since they felt they had none why not go for a change. Europe was a proxy and it happened to be the thing they could kick at. I don’t like it, I don’t agree with it, I think it will cost us all in many obvious and as yet unclear ways. But I will try and get on with it. For the sake of my sanity and making the best of things for all those I care for.

    • I think that you summed up my feelings exactly Geoffle. I’ve been trying to stay away from social media until the sick feeling leaves my stomach – what an utter mess!

  10. First I think I should buy you a pound of coffee. I am presently having coffee, but if I truly let go, the rant would be far, far too long. So I think I will try to push that all aside, and enjoy the coffee.

  11. After Jo Cox’s horrifying murder, I thought surely the majority of Britons would rally behind common sense. So very sorry for this outcome, for Great Britain, for the world. Also so very sorry for the Trump idiot being across the pond in your territory. He is so stupid, he didn’t even realize that Scotland voted to remain. Such hatred in the world, such idiocy. I think it’s obvious that too many people didn’t think through the consequences. I hope here in the US, the majority will vote with more awareness.

    There are many in Britain who are so decent and thoughtful. Perhaps your country will have a chance to reconsider.

    My best thoughts to all of GB.

  12. We were completely shocked over here, too. We’re keeping up with everything… *fingers crossed* Glad you had a great month and are looking forward to some fun things ahead. 🙂

  13. If we were having coffee I’d be telling you that we are making plans to move to Scotland if all this *!*! goes ahead. I’m hoping Steve will take us in 😃
    Looking forward to hearing the Podcast. I’m about to take another Blogging break (although my photography challenge will continue) as I launch myself on a new path. I’m very excited about it. See you in August ☀️

  14. Yes, politics aside, you did have a fantastic month. If we were having coffee, I’d tell you I’m learning how to deal with depression without medication. I’d share your enthusiasm about blogging and agree that I have also recently done some of my best writing; and then I’d tell you the website The Mighty chose one of my submissions to be their lead story. And I’d also tell you that writers like yourself and other non-mental-illness writers have inspired me to branch out of my comfort zone; and then I’d thank you for inviting me for coffee.

    • That’s great Sheri, and thank you for the compliment! Sounds like you’re doing a brave thing – I battle with The Black Dog myself but have never gone on medication, so I can’t possibly imagine how difficult it must be! Congrats on your success too!

  15. What a week Britain has endured! I’m glad you have some personal highlights and look forward to hearing about your new adventures! You are such an adventurous soul!

  16. I was wondering what your thoughts were about Brexit. Thanks for beginning to share with us. I look forward to another post about it. Politics here, for me offers no good choice at all. At this point I know I will go with the lesser of two evils. I have very strong opinions on this presidential election and I do not share them on an open forum. I dread even opening fb anymore because of all the opinions that are so blasted on my screen. I know I have about another three weeks before I start to hide people until February after the inauguration. If we were having coffee, I think I would choose to stick to much better topics, you, the Bloke, the wedding, your writing and your work. I don’t consider myself articulate enough to discuss politics in person. Thanks for sharing! Cathi

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