Book Blogging with Valley Girl Gone Country


Ever wondered what happens when a group of book bloggers take on a book convention?

I absolutely loved this post from Jolene. I’ve written about her on many occasions – she was one of my very first blogging friends that I made in 2013 when I joined the WordPress community, and I’ve seen her life, blog and even her writing style grow and develop over the years. She’s an obsessive reader – I often see her Facebook page littered with pictures of the mountains of books she has purchased that day – and she’s in the process of writing her very own novel, which will be published soon!

How exciting!

I particularly love her posts about her adventures with her author and book-a-holic friends – it always seems like some sort of adventure is to be had whenever they get together!

Are you a bibliophile, or an author? Do you want someone to read and review your latest musings, or give you some advice on the next step of your journey? Then this is the blog for you!

Check her out at Valley Girl Gone Country, and on Twitter @JoleneVGGC

7 thoughts on “Book Blogging with Valley Girl Gone Country

  1. Hmm, sounds awesome, thank you for sharing.:) I am not published, but as you know, I am a writer, and I could use all the feedback I can get. And it’s very cool that she’s writing a book, which will be published soon.

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