It Smells Like Summer

SummerIt smells like summer this morning.

Despite having a bad night’s sleep, I woke up in a disgustingly good mood. The current heatwave we are experiencing means that it’s already beautifully warm, even at 8.00am, and when I stood outside the scent in the air somehow reminded me of foreign holidays I have been on. My Facebook feed is littered with complaints from hot and uncomfortable friends, and The Bloke, who can’t handle any sort of weather except temperate, clear and dry is struggling, but I love it – after what has seemed like an age of living in the cold and dark, it’s nice to feel some real sun on my face.

I did my last bit of freelance work yesterday for the summer, which means I now have two months off. Two months. I can’t believe how quickly this academic year has gone, and the fact that I have remained reasonably financially stable throughout. There were so many worries and anxieties that accompanied last summer, but I’ve been able to prepare for this one over the last year, and I know that as long as I don’t go out and blow all my money on cocktails (which is always a temptation), I should be fine until Christmas at least. I’ve been enjoying the last few weeks and for the first time ever I haven’t felt like I have counted down the days or desperately wished my life away just to have a break. How lucky I am.

And yet, I’ve had almost no motivation to blog at all over the last few weeks. It’s odd – I have experienced short bursts of the writing urge, but this has usually happened during times when I have been at my busiest and the feeling has gone by the time I get chance to sit in front of my laptop. I have woken up on many occasions with plans to post and catch-up, and instead I have found myself sleeping or doing housework. In fact, I’ve slept so much I was almost getting a little concerned about it – I had a stretch of about three days where I slept through the night, then for several hours in the afternoon and then for another few hours in the evening. Perhaps I just needed it – I certainly feel better now!

I have plans, mainly centred around the thoughts I have included in my image. I’m going to get my hair messy, my feet dirty and I’m determined to have a fantastic time! My break now means, hopefully at least, I’ve got an epic amount of posts to throw out there, and I’m quite excited about catching up.

Here’s to summer!

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45 thoughts on “It Smells Like Summer

  1. Two months off! Get you! I’m glad you’re feeling so good. I am feeling…nah…i’d better not say, you might want to take a bat to my face (I’m HOTTTTTTT, soooo HOT and SWEATY!!! I’m melting away. Someone fetch me an ice bucket quick!!!)

    I hope you have a fab summer, my lovely. You deserve it! 😊

  2. Enjoy your time getting messy! I’m always happiest when my hands are dirty. Consider it as time spent gathering creative writing fuel for the rainy days ahead.

  3. Aye, it’s easy for me to have messy hair, dirty feet and shining eyes. Work on the farm every day leaves me longing fro my shower before bed, but the sleep afterwards is always the best. I hope that you enjoy your two months off to the fullest now!

  4. I love early mornings on hot days – not loving the rest of the days because we have unbearable humidity to go along with the heat – but mornings have wonderful smells and encourage me to get something done in the AM, at least!

  5. It’s quite wonderfully warm, isn’t it? Almost, dare I say it, a bit too hot? *ducks* πŸ˜€

    Been thinking about you, glad to hear all is well in your world x

    • I’ll bet haha! Me and my mum are going to London in a few weeks, which will be the height of tourist season, so I’m expecting the Tube in particular to smell of a lot more than teen spirit!

  6. I totally get what you mean about writing in bursts. I’m that way with both my blog and my art. It used to freak me out and I would think that I’d run out of good ideas. Now I know that these things come in waves, and I just have to wait until inspiration hits again…and then, like you, hope I can actually find the time to act on said urges. In the mean time, it’s 101 degrees here in North Carolina today, though with the humidity they’re saying it feels more like 108-115 degrees. I’m pretty sure my brain melted a couple hours ago when I went into an un-air conditioned thrift store to find an antique box to use for a painting. Blehhhhhhhhh.

    • We don’t have air con over here at all so over the last week all I’ve been able to do is open a window haha! I was completely out of inspiration for a few weeks and then over the last few days I’ve woken up with that urge to write… I love it when that happens!

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