Old Meets New (With Bonus Orb)

Helen has a lovely new theme, and I loved her post on her recent visit to London… Please don’t like or comment on my reblog – hop on over to Helen’s blog and say hi!

Helen Glynn Jones

IMG_2551 The infamous ‘walkie-talkie’ building

I was in London this past Saturday, catching up with one of my oldest friends. She’s lived in London for many years, so whenever we get together we like to explore places she’s never been to before. This trip was especially poignant, as she is moving back to her native Canada shortly, so will likely be our last adventure for a little while.

IMG_2553 A glimpse of The Shard

So where did we go? We ended up taking a detour from our planned route to visit a building that encompasses the history of London almost in its entirety, from the Roman tiles underground to the modern ceiling, put in after an almost direct hit during the Blitz rendered it a shell. So that was kind of cool (and will be the subject of a post later this week). But one thing we both remarked on, as we…

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