Angry Cleaning

0a05ece42ff2654029544b9cc0f1840aIt’s been a really irritating day, in a First-World-Silly-Problem kind of way.

I woke up this morning and started my usual routine. I logged onto my social media, checked the blog and replied to some of my messages before being interrupted with a notification to let me know that there was a new update, iOS 9.3.3 was available. I started the update, and then… nothing. My phone completely died – even the usual reset attempts didn’t have any impact, teasing me with the occasional Apple symbol, quickly followed by another blank screen.

I immediately rang The Bloke – I’ve no idea what he could have done about it at the time as he was at work, but I was starting to get a bit anxious. He sent me a web link to issues with the latest update, which then led to me discovering different ways to restart the phone by using iTunes. I logged onto the home computer, waiting for the necessary things to download. An hour later, the computer monitor went black, but the computer sounded like it was still running, so I left it and went to check on my friend’s bunny, who I am looking after for the week. Two hours later, I got home only to discover that it was still the same. The computer had crashed.

Three hours later, I was almost in tears. I hate the feeling of helplessness that accompanies something that is out of my control. I attempted to use The Bloke’s laptop to do the update (his suggestion as he already has iTunes installed), only to discover he didn’t have enough space, so I then had to download iTunes onto my own laptop and do the update from there.

Six hours and three computers after the initial breakdown, it was still downloading, so I dealt with things the only way I could – I started angry cleaning. Now, cleaning is not my favourite thing to do, but I find it immensely therapeutic when I’m angry, and I tend to work at a much faster rate as a result. The vacuum came out (much to the cats dismay), the clean laundry was put away, the kitchen was mopped…

As I was stomping around and huffing to myself, I felt a little bit silly. It’s only a phone, I kept saying to myself. And yet, I almost felt like a part of me was missing – this one little device contains so much of my administrative life, and I particularly need it for this weekend (more on that in a later post).

Eventually, the download worked (yay!) and I instantly lost the motivation to stop cleaning, but I’d managed to get a decent amount accomplished by that point, so didn’t feel too guilty. My reunion with my homescreen was like the opening scene from The Lion King, with me holding up the phone in the air while the cats looked on from the comfort of the sofa. It was a beautiful moment, and a better end to an almost wasted day.

Thanks Apple… or not.

What about you guys? What makes you irrationally frustrated?

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  1. I installed that update a few days ago on my iPad and iPhone. No worries. Can’t see why you would have such trouble. Glad you got it done. πŸ‘πŸ»

  2. Been there. If I want to get something done, I do it before turning on the computer. Once the computer is going, nothing else seems to matter.

    Do you often think about how much work you could do if there were no computers? I do. And then I think about how unhappy life would be if writing had to be done with a pen and paper again.

  3. Angry cleaning! I like that. I do it often, actually. It’s the only thing that calms me down. And don’t even get me started with technology… It frustrates me beyond belief. If you ever see a flying computer, it’ll be mine! 😩

    Glad you got things sorted though. That’s a relief!

  4. I hate when I’m hoovering and the battery runs out of the Hoover when I’m only halfway up the stairs with hot other half still covered in shake and vac and then the cats realise there’s no Hoover noise, come out from hiding, walk in the shake and vac and trail white powder all over the floor downstairs which has already been hoovered!

  5. Suzie, I absolutely hate “updates,” mostly on the computer. I’ve had so many issues in the past with them not working or making matters worse. I’m glad you update finally worked so you could stop the cleaning madness and put your feet up.

  6. Being stuck in traffic makes me irrationally frustrated. Just looking at the line of cars in front of you and not one of them moving…aarrrrgghh! I’m glad you, finally, got resolution!

  7. I get the same way when my gadgets and technology mess up on me. I feel your pain. At least you’re constructive when angry rather than destructive. πŸ™‚

  8. Actually, someone leaving a mess my house leaves me frustrated to the point of steam blowing out of my ears.

    I HATE cleaning, but I HAVE to have an immaculate house, otherwise I can’t relax. So, when someone leaves a mess, I get angry, quickly.

    ‘Mom, it’s just a (insert small mess and/or item here).’

    ‘Momma, I’ll clean my room later.’

    ‘Babe, I’ll get it eventually.’

    Phrases like that mean I’ll be the one getting it, or cleaning it.

  9. Haha brilliant! I’m glad I didn’t read this before I hit ‘download’ on the new iPhone upload otherwise I’d have been a quivering wreck! It’s scary how much our phones rule us – I’m with you in that a huge portion of my blogging life is on my phone. I’m glad the two of you were reunited in the end – feel free to pop over and angry clean my house anytime you like 😜 Xx

  10. I could just say life, but that’s not helping. You got the root of it; things we can’t control. Then we launch into something we can; usually something we don’t like because we can be angry with that and get a cathartic feeling from beating it. And understanding what mental processes are going on are not going to stop you wanting to kill your phone when it won’t update, etc, etc. but at least you know you’re not alone.

  11. Great post, I must admit Apple updates are a pain, I usually leave them for a few weeks while Apple works out the kinks before downloading. I must admit sometimes cleaning gets me frustrated but not your typical Hoover or polish but my 4 monthly Spring cleans of throwing away the things I’ve hoarded or giving the house a good clean out (no where is safe). The fact that it takes a good few hours gets a little tiresome and by the end I just don’t want to look at anything any more.

  12. Funny what gets you going, isn’t it? I used to get migraines and the medicine I took gave me cargo ships of energy, so I cleaned everything in sight until I’d finally crash and sleep for 12 hours.
    As for the computer crashing – I’m very sorry. I have tons of my own computer problems and not an ounce of ability to correct them.

  13. OMG. I feel your pain (and frustration). I also ‘do’ angry cleaning. Cheaper than therapy; cheaper than hiring a cleaning person! Not to poke at the Frustration Bubble, but you did ask: I find waiting for service people to show up to service things to be almost as frustrating. I waited all day Wednesday for the cesspool-pumper-outer guys to come. When they hadn’t showed by quarter to five I called, only to be told they couldn’t come that day — they were ‘backed up’.

  14. Yeah, technology frustrate and delights me in almost equal measure – however, cleaning frustrates me all the time! lol. When I get mad I like to walk, train or write, but cleaning? No πŸ˜€

  15. I laughed sympathetically, believe me. My last phone update went well (and I am never sure I’ll see that happy screen again) but I had a “disaster” with the tablet I use with students. We ended up using my phone yesterday, which was more than annoying. I don’t like yucky slime on my phone. Sorry. You’ve made me vent. I should clean the house instead. Glad your technology is behaving again!!

  16. Another excellent article….my thing would be passive aggressive emails from coworkers, aargh

  17. Ha! I always angry clean. I mean, yes, I clean when I’m angry not that I’m always angry… Anyway, I had the iOS 9.3.3 update cause major issues. My contacts were gone (they’re back) and my phone was just…blank. No phone. Some other small stuff, too, as always with updates. Glad your technology is behaving now. πŸ’–

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