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Artwork 2

I’ve never been any good at art.  You know, ‘art’ in the traditional sense of creating something with paint, paper, brushes, that sort of thing.  My recent Sunday posts have been about my thoughts after the stress of the workweek.  I keep hearing about how important it is to ‘de-stress’.  To me these were more buzz-words than anything else.  However, after a series of very stressful weeks, I knew I had to do something to recharge my batteries.  What should I do? Meditate?  Go for long walks?  Read books about mindfulness and taking the stress out of my repertoire of feelings?

Do you remember a few weeks ago I wrote a post about challenging everyone to learn something new?  Enter my de-stressing, scary I’d make an embarrassment of myself, ART PROJECT!  Lo and behold, I bought some ‘made for kids’ paints, basic water-color paper, and the cheapest brushes I could…

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