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Blog profile PicA little while ago, I told you about my terror when asked to participate in an interview for a podcast with my friend Tom and his co-host, Gemma (who is a published author in her own right).

Well, despite my initial reservations, I had an absolute blast, and now I’m pleased to announce that the podcast is available to listen to on There are two versions – the full, 50 minute interview, and a condensed 30 minute alternative.

It was a strange experience to hear my own voice talking back at me – in my own head I sound very different – but all I could think about was how much I sounded like my sister… That’s no bad thing, but I can understand what people mean when they say “ooh, you’re not from around here!” when they meet me for the first time.

So, if you want to hear my dulcit northern tones discuss reading and blogging, and my Dr. Hibbard laugh, then head on over to and give me a listen! There’s a whole range of interviews on there, with writers and authors, and I’m certain that Gemma and Tom would love you to follow them too (but listen to mine first…).

I’d love to know what you think!

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16 thoughts on “Suzie… Speaks!

  1. Girl!!!! you did great….you didn’t seem nervous at all!! loved all the book references and let me just say, Bridget …..we have to totally see that movie together!! Knowing you are a fan of the Bridget Jones movies I adore you even more!!! YOU DID FABULOUS. i’M SOO PROUD OF YOU!

  2. Many summers ago I was in charge of an event and got interviewed a couple of times for radio, TV and print media. I loved the interviews but hated to listen to me or watch me on TV… my mom always recorded it and wanted to watch it with me. She could never understand that I did not like watching (and listening to) me… It’s just weird 🙂

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