A Week of Colour!

It’s been another wonderful week in what is proving to be a truly fantastic summer!

I’ve been lazing around and watching the Olympics (I’m SO proud of all our athletes), meeting friends for lunch, getting items together for a car boot sale and doing some crafty things for the wedding. I also volunteered as a nail model for a local beauty school, and was treated to a manicure, paraffin treatment and hand massage by a student who is studying for her qualifications. Some of you will know how satisfying it is to dip your finger in hot candle wax and peel the hardened wax off afterwards – now just imagine having that on your whole hand, which is then wrapped in plastic and left to dry. Amazing. My nails were then beautifully painted in a colour that I would never normally go for, but I loved it!

They looked even more beautiful wrapped around a bottle of cider in the pub afterwards, during which I also treated myself of a mexican veggie burger which I ate in the sunny beer garden…

Everything has been done at a lovely leisurely pace – I don’t usually have any specific plans when I wake up and let the day take me as it sees fit. I could get used to this –  I’ve had about six weeks off and even though I’m not earning any money for it, the experience of freedom is worth every non-existent penny.

I woke up on Saturday to get ready for the Color Run at the NEC and looked outside – it was absolutely throwing it down with rain and my heart sank. Instead of being coloured in different powder, with this level of rain I knew I would just end up looking like some sort of live Pollack interpretation. However, I’d made a commitment and it has been on my bucket list for years, so my friend picked me up in a taxi and we went to the station – the NEC is a ten minute train ride away. We were joined by lots of others doing the same thing, all dressed up in various outfits with colours painted on their faces and in their hair.

I love the atmosphere that is created when large groups of people get together for no other reasons than to have a good time and do something positive, and when we walked into Hall 5 to pick up our running packs we were hit with a sea of colour from the hundreds of runners already there and music blasting from the large speakers in the warm-up area. We were running for IMG Media, so we were given our kit to change into and then met my bloggy friend Julie, whose lovely husband was going to look after our bags as we were running.

And then… the sun came out! I’m not a person of faith by any means, but what had been torrential rain suddenly disappeared, as if the weather knew what we were there for and decided to give us a temporary break.

The run was a lot of fun – every 1km there were volunteers who would throw powder of all sorts of different colours, and even though I wasn’t at my most energetic we made it through pretty well. At the end, we were given packets of colours to throw, along with free samples of skittles and various drinks, and lots of people all joined in an enormous party at the front of the stage.

We got the train back, receiving some rather bemused looks from members of the public on our way to the bus stop. By then, the powder had mixed with the sweat on my face, causing a mush of green paint to splodge it’s way down my nose. Gorgeous. It took a bath and a shower to get everything out of my hair, and I’m pleased that it hasn’t been stained – I’ve heard stories of people with lighter hair having to be sport various colours for a while after the event…

What a blast – a great end to what has been a week of colour!

What about you guys? What have you been up to?

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  1. you look adorable! I love the color of your nails. My weekend was pretty tame. Took hubby up to a mountain town in North Carolina for a late lunch of pizza. Beat the thunderstorm home, and that was our excitement! So glad you had fun!

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